Pincode : 533262

Pin code of VILASA GANGAVARAM is 533262. This location belongs to pin code of Addampalli post office situated in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : VILASA GANGAVARAM

Post Office : Addampalli BO

Postal Code : 533262

Sub District : Pamarru

District : East Godavari

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 533262

Location District
Addampalli East Godavari
Draksharamam East Godavari
Hasanbada East Godavari
Ithapudi East Godavari
Jagannadhagiri East Godavari
Jagannaiyakulapalem East Godavari
Kapavaram East Godavari
Kunduru East Godavari
Nelaparthipadu East Godavari
Penumalla East Godavari
Sivala East Godavari
Vegayampeta East Godavari
Velampalem East Godavari
Venkatayapalem East Godavari

Nearby local areas of VILASA GANGAVARAM sharing pincode 533262

Area / Village Pin Code
ANDRANGI, P.O. Penumalla 533262
NELAPRATHIPADU, P.O. Nelaparthipadu 533262
SIVALA, P.O. Sivala 533262
UNDURU, P.O. Hasanbada 533262
ADDAMPALLE, P.O. Addampalli 533262
ITHAPUDI, P.O. Ithapudi 533262
JAGANNAIKULAPALEM, P.O. Jagannaiyakulapalem 533262
JAGANNATHAGIRI, P.O. Jagannadhagiri 533262
KAPAVARAM, P.O. Kapavaram 533262
THOTAPETA, P.O. Draksharamam 533262
BHEEMAKROSUPALEM, P.O. Hasanbada 533262
MAMIDIGUNTA, P.O. Nelaparthipadu 533262
PENUMALLA, P.O. Penumalla 533262
VELAMPALEM, P.O. Velampalem 533262
KUNDURU, P.O. Kunduru 533262
MATTACHERUVU, P.O. Nelaparthipadu 533262
KANDULAPALEM, P.O. Hasanbada 533262
TANUMALLA, P.O. Penumalla 533262
VENKATAYAPALEM, P.O. Venkatayapalem 533262
DRAKSHARAMA, P.O. Draksharamam 533262
HASANBADA, P.O. Hasanbada 533262
VEGAYAMMAPETA, P.O. Vegayampeta 533262
VILASA GANGAVARAM, P.O. Addampalli 533262

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