Introduction to the Indian Pin Code System

Pin Code or the Postal Index Number is primarily used by the Indian Postal Administration and this national numbering system was first introduced on 15th August 1972. This six digit number is generally included in the address to deliver letters, couriers etc. This series of number is exceptionally important and has various other utilities such as:-

How does it work?

With the help of this 6 digit code, anyone can locate a specific space very easily. As it has already informed that the 6 digit, Indian pin code number is distinguished into different parts. Through the first number, one can easily identify one’s specific region such as he/ she is from Northern, Western, Southern or Eastern region. With the help of the second digit, the sub-region can be identified and the last three numbers indicate a specific post office. Our country is also divided into 9 PIN regions out of which 8 are geographical region and the 9th zone is for the Indian Army. You will see 2 specific digits for each region as regions are also divided into two parts.

As you know postal code is necessary and has to be mentioned in all the residential and commercial addresses of India. It has a great importance as it is the largest National Number system of India. So if you want to avail the banking or insurance services or want to send or receive mails you have to provide your valid pin code first.