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Locate pin code of Manipur (MN) based post offices (daak ghar). Just choose the name of district of your choice and then click on the post office name from the following given menu.

District-wise list of Manipur postal codes

Manipur pin code

There are a total of 9 districts in Manipur (India). In order to view the pincodes of Manipur based post offices / areas, please click on the respective district's name mentioned in the following list. Manipur's postal codes series ranges from 795001 to 795159.

District No. of Post Office State
Bishnupur 78 Manipur
Chandel 34 Manipur
Churachandpur 79 Manipur
Imphal East 55 Manipur
Imphal West 127 Manipur
Senapati 81 Manipur
Tamenglong 52 Manipur
Thoubal 134 Manipur
Ukhrul 59 Manipur

Manipur राज्य में कुल 9 जिले हैं | उपरोक्त इस राज्य में सम्मिलित जिलों की पूरी सूची दी गयी है जिनपर क्लिक करके आप उनके डाकघरों की सूची पिनकोड उनके पतों के साथ देख सकते हैं |

Given below is the list of all 691 post offices situated in Manipur along with their pincodes in ascending order.

Locality-wise pin codes of Manipur

Post Office PIN Code State
Ahallup 795002 Manipur
Aibulon 795143 Manipur
Aigejang 795102 Manipur
Aimol Kodamphai 795135 Manipur
Aina 795128 Manipur
Akhui 795141 Manipur
Anal Khullen 795102 Manipur
Andro 795149 Manipur
Angbrashu 795135 Manipur
Angtha 795149 Manipur
Arapyi 795130 Manipur
Arong 795132 Manipur
Arong Nongmaikhong 795103 Manipur
Ashi 795145 Manipur
Atang Khunou 795125 Manipur
Atengba 795141 Manipur
Athokpam 795138 Manipur
Athokpam Khunou 795138 Manipur
Awang Konmgpal 795005 Manipur
Awang Leikinthabi 795136 Manipur
Awangjiri 795134 Manipur
Awangkhul 795159 Manipur
Awangpotshangbam 795002 Manipur
Behiang 795139 Manipur
Bengoon Maning Leikai 795132 Manipur
Bhalok 795141 Manipur
Bidyanagar 795115 Manipur
Bishnupur Bishnupur 795126 Manipur
Bitrarakhong 795009 Manipur
Bongajang 795131 Manipur
Bongbal Khullen 795149 Manipur
Bongjoi 795131 Manipur
Bongli 795135 Manipur
Bongmun 795116 Manipur
Bongoijang 795141 Manipur
Borobekra 795116 Manipur
Boroyangbi 795133 Manipur
BR Colony 795115 Manipur
Bukpi 795143 Manipur
Bunglon 795133 Manipur
Bunglong 795118 Manipur
Bungmual 795128 Manipur
Bungpilon 795143 Manipur
Bungte Chiru 795134 Manipur
Canchipur T C D 795003 Manipur
Central Agriculture University 795004 Manipur
Ch Khongnangpokpi 795136 Manipur
Chabung Company 795132 Manipur
Chadong 795145 Manipur
Chairen 795101 Manipur
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