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Pin Code

pin codePin Code is the short form for Postal Index Number (PIN). It constitutes of a six-digit long numerical code that is used by the Indian Postal Department to enable easy matching of any specific locality where a consignment or correspondence has to be delivered.

First two digit of the postal codes belongs to:

History of the Postal Code System

The Postal Code system was the brainchild of Mr. Shriram Bhikaji Velankar (the then Additional Secretary in the union ministry of communication). He came up with this system on August 15, 1972, as a medium to simplify the manual sorting and delivery of correspondence. It works by eliminating the mix-up of wrong addresses, primarily caused by places with similar names and the use of varied languages by people.

For ease of and better management, nine PINcode zones were created for India, which further comprised of eight regional zones and one functional zone (unique to the Indian Army).

About Pincode Area is a personal website that holds a massive database of 1,55,403 post offices and more than 9 lakh localities in India. The aim is to offer speedy and precise information and details of pin code areas in India in a bid to ensure that the correspondence or consignment reaches the correct postal address.

The website helps you to search a specific pin code number of any area in India in a jiffy, making it convenient for anyone looking at sending out a correspondence or consignment to a known or an unknown address.

The website also helps eliminate the need to memorize any postal code. It features state-wise, district-wise, post office-wise PIN code list of all places in India; all on one platform.

PinCode Area will ease the lives of many, making it much easier to locate a nearby or distant post office. You can browse and search the postal index number of any state, district, and post office of India with speed and accuracy.

The search is made easy as the website is designed to match the needs of a user, based on the specific area the user is looking for, the result is returned in a blink, giving you instant information of the pincode on the screen.

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