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Locate pin code of Meghalaya (ML) based post offices (daak ghar). Just choose the name of district of your choice and then click on the post office name from the following given menu.

District-wise list of Meghalaya postal codes

Meghalaya pin code

There are a total of 7 districts in Meghalaya (India). In order to view the pincodes of Meghalaya based post offices / areas, please click on the respective district's name mentioned in the following list. Meghalaya's postal codes series ranges from 783123 to 794115.

District No. of Post Office State
East Garo Hills 32 Meghalaya
East Khasi Hills 130 Meghalaya
Jaintia Hills 78 Meghalaya
Ri Bhoi 38 Meghalaya
South Garo Hills 12 Meghalaya
West Garo Hills 105 Meghalaya
West Khasi Hills 81 Meghalaya

Meghalaya राज्य में कुल 7 जिले हैं | उपरोक्त इस राज्य में सम्मिलित जिलों की पूरी सूची दी गयी है जिनपर क्लिक करके आप उनके डाकघरों की सूची पिनकोड उनके पतों के साथ देख सकते हैं |

Given below is the list of all 469 post offices situated in Meghalaya along with their pincodes in ascending order.

Locality-wise pin codes of Meghalaya

Post Office PIN Code State
Achigchonggiri 794002 Meghalaya
Adakgiri 783123 Meghalaya
Amlarem 793150 Meghalaya
Amlari 793109 Meghalaya
Ampati 794115 Meghalaya
Anugiri 794002 Meghalaya
Araimile 794101 Meghalaya
Assam Rifles 793011 Meghalaya
Baghmara 794102 Meghalaya
Bajengdoba 794002 Meghalaya
Balat 793106 Meghalaya
Balkhalbazar 794102 Meghalaya
Balkinigiri 794111 Meghalaya
Balsalgiri 794102 Meghalaya
Balunghat 794106 Meghalaya
Bandelkona 794115 Meghalaya
Barato 793150 Meghalaya
Barengapara 794103 Meghalaya
Barua Basti 793104 Meghalaya
Batabari 794104 Meghalaya
Bataw 793160 Meghalaya
Belguri 794109 Meghalaya
Betsing 794115 Meghalaya
Bhaitbari 794104 Meghalaya
Bhajamara 794104 Meghalaya
Bhoilymbong 793103 Meghalaya
Bholaganj Bazar 793107 Meghalaya
Bholarbhita 794104 Meghalaya
Bishnupur 793004 Meghalaya
Bolangitak 794109 Meghalaya
Bolchugre 794005 Meghalaya
Bolsong 794002 Meghalaya
Borjhora 794109 Meghalaya
Borsora 793106 Meghalaya
Byrki 793119 Meghalaya
Byrnihat 793101 Meghalaya
Captain Reserve 794101 Meghalaya
Chandabhui 794103 Meghalaya
Chapahati 794106 Meghalaya
Chati 794103 Meghalaya
Chengapara 794103 Meghalaya
Cherrabazar 793111 Meghalaya
Cherrapunjee 793108 Meghalaya
Chokpotgiri 794005 Meghalaya
Dabu 794110 Meghalaya
Dadenggre 794003 Meghalaya
Dadengiri 794104 Meghalaya
Dagal 794108 Meghalaya
Dainadubi 794110 Meghalaya
Dajongpara 794002 Meghalaya
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