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Locate pin code of Sikkim (SK) based post offices (daak ghar). Just choose the name of district of your choice and then click on the post office name from the following given menu.

District-wise list of Sikkim postal codes

Sikkim pin code

There are a total of 4 districts in Sikkim (India). In order to view the pincodes of Sikkim based post offices / areas, please click on the respective district's name mentioned in the following list. Sikkim's postal codes series ranges from 737101 to 737139.

District No. of Post Office State
East Sikkim 101 Sikkim
North Sikkim 22 Sikkim
South Sikkim 45 Sikkim
West Sikkim 43 Sikkim

Sikkim राज्य में कुल 4 जिले हैं | उपरोक्त इस राज्य में सम्मिलित जिलों की पूरी सूची दी गयी है जिनपर क्लिक करके आप उनके डाकघरों की सूची पिनकोड उनके पतों के साथ देख सकते हैं |

Given below is the list of all 208 post offices situated in Sikkim along with their pincodes in ascending order.

Locality-wise pin codes of Sikkim

Post Office PIN Code State
Ahoo Busty 737135 Sikkim
Amba 737133 Sikkim
Aritar 737133 Sikkim
Arithang 737111 Sikkim
Arubotay 737121 Sikkim
Assam Lingzey 737135 Sikkim
Assangthang 737126 Sikkim
Bardang 737134 Sikkim
Barfung 737139 Sikkim
Ben 737139 Sikkim
Berang 737139 Sikkim
Bering 737106 Sikkim
Bermiok 737113 Sikkim
Bermiok 737134 Sikkim
Beyong 737134 Sikkim
Bhaluthang 737111 Sikkim
Bhusuk 737103 Sikkim
Bojoghari 737103 Sikkim
Budang 737121 Sikkim
Buriakhop 737121 Sikkim
Chakung 737121 Sikkim
Changayshanti 737106 Sikkim
Chingthang 737111 Sikkim
Chongey 737103 Sikkim
Chujachen 737131 Sikkim
Chumbong 737121 Sikkim
Chungthang 737120 Sikkim
Dalapchand 737131 Sikkim
Damthang 737126 Sikkim
Darap 737113 Sikkim
Dentam 737113 Sikkim
Deorali 737102 Sikkim
Dhajey 737102 Sikkim
Dikchu 737107 Sikkim
Dipudara Nhpc Complex 737134 Sikkim
Duga 737132 Sikkim
East Pendam 737132 Sikkim
Gangkha Busty 737134 Sikkim
Gangtok Bazar 737101 Sikkim
Gangtok 737101 Sikkim
Gayzing 737111 Sikkim
Gerathang 737111 Sikkim
Gnathang 737102 Sikkim
Gor 737107 Sikkim
Hee Gaon 737113 Sikkim
Kabi 737117 Sikkim
Kaluk 737113 Sikkim
Karjee 737111 Sikkim
Karmatar 737113 Sikkim
Karthok 737106 Sikkim
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Browse pin code of Sikkim in India. You can get district-wise list of Sikkim (SK) postal codes for all 208 post offices active in Sikkim.

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