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District-wise list of Nagaland postal codes

Nagaland pin code

There are a total of 11 districts in Nagaland (India). In order to view the pincodes of Nagaland based post offices / areas, please click on the respective district's name mentioned in the following list. Nagaland's postal codes series ranges from 797001 to 798627.

District No. of Post Office State
Dimapur 55 Nagaland
Kiphire 13 Nagaland
Kohima 50 Nagaland
Longleng 7 Nagaland
Mokokchung 52 Nagaland
Mon 30 Nagaland
Peren 14 Nagaland
Phek 37 Nagaland
Tuensang 27 Nagaland
Wokha 25 Nagaland
Zunheboto 21 Nagaland

Nagaland राज्य में कुल 11 जिले हैं | उपरोक्त इस राज्य में सम्मिलित जिलों की पूरी सूची दी गयी है जिनपर क्लिक करके आप उनके डाकघरों की सूची पिनकोड उनके पतों के साथ देख सकते हैं |

Given below is the list of all 329 post offices situated in Nagaland along with their pincodes in ascending order.

Locality-wise pin codes of Nagaland

Post Office PIN Code State
Aghunato 798620 Nagaland
Agri College 797106 Nagaland
Aitepyong 797100 Nagaland
Aizuto 798619 Nagaland
Akhegwo 797114 Nagaland
Akuhaito 798619 Nagaland
Akuluto 798619 Nagaland
Alichen 798601 Nagaland
Alungkima 798604 Nagaland
Alungtaki 798604 Nagaland
Amahatore 798611 Nagaland
Anatongere 798611 Nagaland
Angangba 798616 Nagaland
Angphang 798603 Nagaland
Aolijen 798601 Nagaland
Aoyimti 797115 Nagaland
Arree Old 798601 Nagaland
Artc 797115 Nagaland
Asangma 798618 Nagaland
Asukhomi 798620 Nagaland
Asukika 797109 Nagaland
Asukuto 798619 Nagaland
Asuto 798620 Nagaland
Athibung 797110 Nagaland
Atoizu 798620 Nagaland
Baghty 797111 Nagaland
Barakangtsung 798618 Nagaland
Baranamsang 798622 Nagaland
Bhandari 797111 Nagaland
Bhandari 797099 Nagaland
Bongkholong 797110 Nagaland
Botsa 797105 Nagaland
Chakhabama 797003 Nagaland
Champang 798603 Nagaland
Changki 798601 Nagaland
Chantongia 798613 Nagaland
Chare 798601 Nagaland
Chatashi 797109 Nagaland
Chedema 797003 Nagaland
Chengloisho 798603 Nagaland
Chenwetnyu 798603 Nagaland
Chessore 798612 Nagaland
Chetheba 797104 Nagaland
Chiechama 797105 Nagaland
Chiephobozou 797105 Nagaland
Chimonger 798616 Nagaland
Chingkao 798603 Nagaland
Chinglong 798603 Nagaland
Chingmei 798612 Nagaland
Chizami 797102 Nagaland
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