Pincode : 516270

Pin code of VENKATAREDDIGARIPALLE is 516270. This location belongs to pin code of Venkatreddygaripalli post office situated in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh.


Post Office : Venkatreddygaripalli BO

Postal Code : 516270

Sub District : Rayachoti

District : Kadapa

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 516270

Location District State
Abbavaram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Bandlapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Kakulavaram Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Masapet Bazar Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Pothukurapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Venkatreddygaripalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of VENKATAREDDIGARIPALLE sharing pincode 516270

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BANDLAPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
CHILAKAPATIVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Kakulavaram Rayachoti 516270
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Kakulavaram Rayachoti 516270
MASAPET, P.O. Masapet Bazar Rayachoti 516270
MASAPET, P.O. Pothukurapalli Rayachoti 516270
YADAVAPURAM, P.O. Abbavaram Vallur 516270
GOLLAPALLE KASBA, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
NANDALURIVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Pothukurapalli Rayachoti 516270
VENKATAREDDIGARIPALLE, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270
ABBAVARAM, P.O. Abbavaram Vallur 516270
DUDEKULAPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
KAKULAVARAM, P.O. Kakulavaram Lakkireddipalle 516270
KONDAREDDIVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Pothukurapalli Rayachoti 516270
SURAKAVANDLAPALE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
MANNEMVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
ADDUVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Kakulavaram Rayachoti 516270
MADIGADDAPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
BAYANAPALLE, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270
INDUKURUPALLE, P.O. Pothukurapalli Rayachoti 516270
MADIGAPALLE, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270
POTHUKURUPALLE, P.O. Pothukurapalli Ramapuram 516270
ABBAVARAM RURAL, P.O. Abbavaram Rayachoti 516270
KUMMARAPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
MASAPET, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270
RACHUPALLE, P.O. Bandlapalli Ramapuram 516270
BAYAREDDIGARIPALLE, P.O. Kakulavaram Rayachoti 516270
CHILAKAVANDLAPALE, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270
MASAPET, P.O. Kakulavaram Rayachoti 516270
VASANTHAVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Venkatreddygaripalli Rayachoti 516270

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