Pincode : 503187

Pin code of VENGALAMPALLE is 503187. This location belongs to pin code of Singitham post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : VENGALAMPALLE

Post Office : Singitham BO

Postal Code : 503187

Sub District : Nizamsagar

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503187

Location District
Bandaranjal Nizamabad
Banswada Nizamabad
Borlam Nizamabad
Budmi Nizamabad
Desaipet Nizamabad
Galipur Nizamabad
Gouraram Nizamabad
Hanmajipet Nizamabad
Ibrahimpet Nizamabad
Komalancha Nizamabad
Konapur Nizamabad
Madduchervu Nizamabad
Mudholi Nizamabad
Rampur Nizamabad
Singitham Nizamabad
Tadkole Nizamabad
Thirumalapur Nizamabad
Wajidnagar Nizamabad

Nearby local areas of VENGALAMPALLE sharing pincode 503187

Area / Village Pin Code
IBRAHIMPET, P.O. Ibrahimpet 503187
MAQDUMPUR, P.O. Galipur 503187
PEDDA RAMPUR, P.O. Ibrahimpet 503187
POCHARAM, P.O. Ibrahimpet 503187
BANDAPALLE, P.O. Bandaranjal 503187
BANDARANJAL, P.O. Bandaranjal 503187
BOLLAKPALLE, P.O. Madduchervu 503187
CHINNA GOURARAM, P.O. Rampur 503187
CHINNA RAMPUR, P.O. Ibrahimpet 503187
KOMALANCHA, P.O. Komalancha 503187
MADDELCHERVU, P.O. Madduchervu 503187
SHAIRKHANPALLE, P.O. Singitham 503187
VASUDEVPALLE, P.O. Banswada 503187
PEDMAL, P.O. Hanmajipet 503187
RAMPUR, P.O. Rampur 503187
SOMESHWAR, P.O. Desaipet 503187
BANSWADA, P.O. Banswada 503187
DESAIPET, P.O. Desaipet 503187
GALIPUR, P.O. Galipur 503187
KONAPUR, P.O. Konapur 503187
KURTHI, P.O. Rampur 503187
NARSAPUR MUDHOLI, P.O. Mudholi 503187
SINGITHAM, P.O. Singitham 503187
TADKOLE, P.O. Tadkole 503187
BORLAM, P.O. Borlam 503187
KHADLAPUR, P.O. Konapur 503187
PEDDA GOURARAM, P.O. Gouraram 503187
SANIVARPET, P.O. Singitham 503187
VENGALAMPALLE, P.O. Singitham 503187
BUDMI, P.O. Budmi 503187
VENKATAPUR, P.O. Konapur 503187
GUNDENAMALI, P.O. Wajidnagar 503187
MADHOLI, P.O. Mudholi 503187
SANGOJIPET, P.O. Hanmajipet 503187
SARVAPUR, P.O. Gouraram 503187
SINGARAIPALLE, P.O. Ibrahimpet 503187
CHINTAL NAGARAM, P.O. Tadkole 503187
HANMAJIPET, P.O. Hanmajipet 503187
TELAGAPOOR, P.O. Singitham 503187
TIRMALAPUR, P.O. Thirumalapur 503187
WAJIDNAGAR, P.O. Wajidnagar 503187

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