VEDAL Postal Code

Pincode : 632502

Pin code of VEDAL is 632502. This location belongs to pin code of Anvardhikhanpet post office situated in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.

Village / Locality Name : VEDAL

Post Office : Anvardhikhanpet SO

Postal Code : 632502

Sub District : Arakonam

District : Vellore

State : Tamil Nadu

List of post office belong to postal code 632502

Location District
Anvardhikhanpet Vellore
Asamandhur Vellore
Kattupakkam Vellore
Kilveedhi Vellore
Mahendravadi Vellore
Manamadurai Vellore
Meleri Vellore
Melkalathur Vellore

Nearby local areas of VEDAL sharing pincode 632502

Area / Village Pin Code
KIZVEEDHI, P.O. Kilveedhi 632502
VELITHANGIPURAM, P.O. Anvardhikhanpet 632502
MELERI, P.O. Meleri 632502
VEPPERI, P.O. Kilveedhi 632502
MELKALATHUR, P.O. Melkalathur 632502
PENTAI, P.O. Meleri 632502
SELVAMANDAI, P.O. Melkalathur 632502
ARAKONAM, P.O. Manamadurai 632502
KODAMBAKKAM, P.O. Mahendravadi 632502
RAMAPURAM, P.O. Manamadurai 632502
SANTHANAPURAM, P.O. Kilveedhi 632502
ANVERTHIKANPETTAI, P.O. Anvardhikhanpet 632502
ASAMANDUR, P.O. Asamandhur 632502
BALAPURAM, P.O. Meleri 632502
KATTUPAKKAM, P.O. Kattupakkam 632502
KILAKALATHUR, P.O. Manamadurai 632502
VELITHANGIPURAM, P.O. Mahendravadi 632502
BALAKRISHNAPURAM, P.O. Kattupakkam 632502
ELATHUR, P.O. Manamadurai 632502
KANNIGAPURAM, P.O. Kattupakkam 632502
KOLLAMEDU, P.O. Meleri 632502
MAHENDRAVADI, P.O. Mahendravadi 632502
VEPPERI, P.O. Anvardhikhanpet 632502
MADHURAPURI KANDIGAI, P.O. Asamandhur 632502
METTU ASAMANDUR, P.O. Asamandhur 632502
PERAPPERI, P.O. Kilveedhi 632502
VEDAL, P.O. Anvardhikhanpet 632502
VEDAL, P.O. Asamandhur 632502
VELITHANGIPURAM, P.O. Kattupakkam 632502

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