Pincode : 503207

Pin code of VALLABHAPUR is 503207. This location belongs to pin code of Domaledgi post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : VALLABHAPUR

Post Office : Domaledgi BO

Postal Code : 503207

Sub District : Kotgiri

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503207

Location District
Domaledgi Nizamabad
Hangarga Nizamabad
Hegdoli Nizamabad
Jillapalli Nizamabad
Kallur Nizamabad
Kotgir Nizamabad
Kothapalli Nizamabad
Pothangal Nizamabad
Sunkini Nizamabad
Yethonda Nizamabad

Nearby local areas of VALLABHAPUR sharing pincode 503207

Area / Village Pin Code
EKLASPUR, P.O. Kothapalli 503207
HANGERGA, P.O. Kotgir 503207
KAREGOAN CAMP, P.O. Hangarga 503207
KOLLUR, P.O. Sunkini 503207
JELLAPALLI OLD VILLAGE, P.O. Jillapalli 503207
GANNAVARAM, P.O. Kallur 503207
KALLUR, P.O. Kallur 503207
LINGAPUR, P.O. Kallur 503207
NAYA ABADI, P.O. Jillapalli 503207
POTHANGAL OLD VILLAGE, P.O. Pothangal 503207
SHESHADREE FARAM, P.O. Hegdoli 503207
ADKAS PALLE, P.O. Kallur 503207
DOMALEDGI, P.O. Kotgir 503207
ETHONDA, P.O. Yethonda 503207
KOTGIRI, P.O. Kotgir 503207
SUNKINI, P.O. Sunkini 503207
DOMALEDGI, P.O. Domaledgi 503207
HANGERGA, P.O. Hangarga 503207
HEGDOLI, P.O. Hegdoli 503207
HEGDOLI, P.O. Kotgir 503207
JALLAPALLE, P.O. Jillapalli 503207
JALLAPALLE, P.O. Kotgir 503207
SUDLAM, P.O. Kothapalli 503207
VALLABHAPUR, P.O. Domaledgi 503207
YADGARPUR, P.O. Domaledgi 503207
KALLUR, P.O. Kotgir 503207
KAREGOAN, P.O. Hangarga 503207
KOTGIRI, P.O. Hangarga 503207
SUNKINI, P.O. Kotgir 503207
TIRMALAPUR, P.O. Hangarga 503207
KODCHERLA, P.O. Kallur 503207
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Kotgir 503207
NAGENDRA PURAM, P.O. Kothapalli 503207
BHAKAR FARAM, P.O. Hegdoli 503207
ETHONDA, P.O. Kotgir 503207
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Kothapalli 503207
POTHANGAL, P.O. Kotgir 503207
POTHANGAL, P.O. Pothangal 503207
SIDDAPUR, P.O. Yethonda 503207

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