UPARHIR Postal Code

Pincode : 722121

Pin code of UPARHIR is 722121. This location belongs to pin code of Simlabandh post office situated in Bankura district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : UPARHIR

Post Office : Simlabandh BO

Postal Code : 722121

Sub District : Hirbandh

District : Bankura

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 722121

Location District State
Araldihi Bankura West Bengal
Bankata Bankura West Bengal
Bansidih Bankura West Bengal
Bhalukbasa Bankura West Bengal
Bheduasole Bankura West Bengal
Bhojda Bankura West Bengal
Bouridihi Bankura West Bengal
Brajarajpur Bankura West Bengal
Dighi Bankura West Bengal
Gossainjanara Bankura West Bengal
Gourbazar Bankura West Bengal
Gunnath Bankura West Bengal
Hatirampur Bankura West Bengal
Hirbandh Bankura West Bengal
Jeorda Bankura West Bengal
Kayabaid Bankura West Bengal
Mosanjhar Bankura West Bengal
Mosiara Bankura West Bengal
Nayada Bankura West Bengal
Rampur Bankura West Bengal
Silpajambedia Bankura West Bengal
Simlabandh Bankura West Bengal
Supur Bankura West Bengal

Nearby local areas of UPAR GERIAKULA sharing pincode 722121

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ANANDAPALLY, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
ARJUNDA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BAHARAMURI, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
BANKATA, P.O. Bankata Bankura - I 722121
BANKATA BRIDGE, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
BANSIDIHI H SCHOOL, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
BELDANGA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
BHALUKKUNDI, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
BHEDUASOLE B G V B, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOLE H SCHOOL, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOLE R I OFFICE, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHUBANDIHI, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
BRAJARAJPUR, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
BRINDABANPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
CHAKDOBA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
DUSATINA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
GERIAKOLA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
HARIDIHI, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
INDPUR, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
JAGATDEULI, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
JHANTIBON, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
JHARIA, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
JIBANPUR, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
JOYJOYDEHI, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
KAJALDOVA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
KANTHALBEDIA, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
KAYABAID, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
KHARAKANALI, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
KUNCHARIA, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
MADHUPUR, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
MALSOLE, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
MONARA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
MOSIARA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
NADNSANRA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
PATASIMUL, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
PATHARDIHI, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
SUPUR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
UPARSITAPUR, P.O. Rampur Patrasayer 722121
BAGAHAN, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
BAGALDHARA, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
BAMNI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
BANDHGORA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
BANKATA, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
BANSHIDIHI, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
BAURIDIHA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BHANGANALA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
BHOGORA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
BHUTARDIHI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
CHAK GORIGRAM, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
CHHOTAKEEHANDA, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
DHAGARA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
DHANSANTRA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
DIAS DIHI, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
GOTHERDANGA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
GUNNATH, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
HARINBIRRA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
HARIRAMPUR, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
HETYAPATHAR, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
JALTORE, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
JAMBEDYA, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
JHAPANDIHI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
JUGIBAD, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
KENDUA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
KHATRA COLLEGE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
KUCHAIPAL, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
KULBONA, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
LALRAYDIHI, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
MANORA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
PAHARPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
SALUNI, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
TOPABARI, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
UPARGERYAKULA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
BANKATA, P.O. Hatirampur Khatra 722121
BANKATA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
BAURIDIHI, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BHUCHU DUNGRI, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
CHAPADANGA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
DANGARAMPUR FOREST OFFICE, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
DHAJAMONIPUR, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
DIKTOR, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
DUMRIGORA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
ERODIHI, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
GERADIHI, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
GHASKATA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
GOALAPARA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Bankura - I 722121
GOSSINJANARA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
GOURMONPUR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
HARIDIHI, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
JALTORE, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
KADAMDEULI, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
KHATRA, P.O. Hatirampur Khatra 722121
MADHABPUR, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
MASANJHAR, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
NAIRA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
NAMA SITAPUR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
NOWADIHI, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
PARASHIDANGA, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
RAGHUNATHPUR, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
RANGAMATIA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
SIMLABANDH, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
SIMLABANDH, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
TANTIDANGA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
TILABANI, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
UPARBIRADIHI, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
ASBERYA, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
BAGJAUR, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
BALDASAHAR, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
BANKAKADAM, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
BARKANIA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BELDANGRA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
BELDANGRA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
BELIASOLE, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOL, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOLE HEALTH CENTRE, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BINODPUR, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
DHARRAMOULI, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
DHULATAPI, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
DIGARBAID, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
DOMBAID, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
GOBINDPUR, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
GOSAINIJANARA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
GOURBAZAR, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
GURA, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
HANNYA, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
HATIRAMPUR, P.O. Hatirampur Khatra 722121
HUSUM DANGA, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
JAGAT DEULI, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
JAMSOLE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
JIBANDI, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
KADAMSOLE, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
KHALGRAM, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
KUNDARIBANA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
MENJUA, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
NAMAHARIRAMPUR, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
NAYADA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
PAIKA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
PANCHPUKHURIA, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
PITHORDIHI, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
RANGAMATIA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
SHREERAMPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
SHYAMPUR, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
SOLEPANAMARA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
TENTULIA, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
TIRSULIA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
UGANPATHAR, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
BANK SIMLA, P.O. Simlabandh Sonamukhi 722121
BANSIDI HEALTH CENTRE, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
BELKANLIA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BHEDUA, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
BHEDUASOLE, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOLE GIRLS H SCHOOL, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHOJDA, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
BOTKULA, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
CHAKALTASAHAR, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
CHHATAPUR, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
DHADEDHE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
DHARAMPUR BANKATA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
DUMUTOR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
GORABARI, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
GORIGRAM, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
HANSAPATHAR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
HARIRAMPUR, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
HUSUMDANGA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
JHAKTOR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
JIARDA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
JIBANPUR, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
KALAMI, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
KECHANDA, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
KUIYASOLE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
KULBAN, P.O. Bhalukbasa Bankura - I 722121
KURKUTIA, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
LAKSHMIKANTAPUR, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
MAHISHDOBRA, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
MAKLARA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
MARIAGORIA, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
MOLEBANT, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
NEKRAPAHARI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
PAIRA, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
PARIADANGA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
PATIRDANG, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
PHAREGARH, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
RAIDHI, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
RAMPUR, P.O. Rampur Patrasayer 722121
SACHIPUR, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
SIMLA, P.O. Simlabandh Khatra 722121
TANTIDANGA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
ARABARI, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
AZADPALLY, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
BABURDANGA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
BARAGARH, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
BENAGERIA, P.O. Dighi Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOL, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
DEGHURIA, P.O. Silpajambedia Indpur 722121
DIGHI, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
DIGHI, P.O. Dighi Indpur 722121
FULBERIA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
GAYLADANGA, P.O. Kayabaid Indpur 722121
HARISHCHANDRAPUR, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
ILAMBAZAR, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
JIORDA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
KADAMKARALI, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
KENDUA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
KUNTABANI, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
KURUSTHALIA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
LALGHATA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
MAISHDABRA, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
NISHCHINTAPUR, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
RAMPUR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
REFUSE PARA, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
SHALKAP, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
SHYAMPUR, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
ARALDIHI, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
ARALDIHI, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
BADHAGORA, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
BAHUNDANGRA, P.O. Araldihi Indpur 722121
BENAGARIA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
BHALUKBASA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOL, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
BHEDUASOLE G PANCHAYET, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BHOJDA, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
BIJARDIHI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
BONTARA, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
CHURAMANIPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
DANGA, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
DANGARAMPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
DEULAGARA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
DHUNIAGAR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
GAURBAZAR, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
GOKUL NAGAR, P.O. Bhalukbasa Bankura - I 722121
GORGORAN, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
HITASHI, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
KHIRPAI, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
KUNDURKA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
KURPA, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
LAKSHMIHIRD, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
LUTIA, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
MALLICKDIHI, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
MIRGIPAHARE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
MONIPUR, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
MOSIARA, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
PALASHBONI, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
PATHRATOR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
RAHARADANGA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
RANGAMETIA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
SITARAMPUR, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
TENTULDANGA, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
TILAKANALI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
TUNIAMARA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
AGURDHELA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Indpur 722121
ARABANI, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
BALARAMPUR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
BANERDANGA, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
BANSHKETYA, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
BHALUKBASA, P.O. Bhalukbasa Bankura - I 722121
BHANGANALA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
BHARAGARA, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
BHEDUABAID, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
BIKRAMDIHI, P.O. Mosiara Hirbandh 722121
BOGABAID, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
BONPUKURIA, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
CHITRUGUTU, P.O. Bouridihi Hirbandh 722121
DEULGORA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
DHADKIDIHI, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
GENGADA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
GHARPATHAR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
GOLAKPUR, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
GOROKBAID, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
GUABANDH, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
GUNNATH, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
HATPARA, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
ITAMARA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
KALABOTI, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
KALIAPATHAR, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
KARKOTA, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
KEND DANGA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
KHAPKATA, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
KUSHIPAHARI, P.O. Dighi Hirbandh 722121
LOGDIGORA, P.O. Bheduasole Indpur 722121
MADUNIA, P.O. Gunnath Indpur 722121
MAITI BANDH, P.O. Hatirampur Hirbandh 722121
MASANJHAR, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
MAULADANGA, P.O. Bankata Indpur 722121
NAMA GARIAKULA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
NAMABIRADIHI, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121
NITANANDAPUR, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
PATIJANARA, P.O. Gossainjanara Indpur 722121
PRATAPPUR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
RAMCHANDRAPUR, P.O. Brajarajpur Indpur 722121
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Gourbazar Indpur 722121
RAMSOLE, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
SANDI, P.O. Bhojda Hirbandh 722121
SILABOTI, P.O. Jeorda Indpur 722121
SIMULDANGA, P.O. Bansidih Indpur 722121
SITAPUR, P.O. Rampur Indpur 722121
SUPUR, P.O. Supur Khatra 722121
SUPURKANALI, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
TALGARIA, P.O. Mosanjhar Hirbandh 722121
UPAR GERIAKULA, P.O. Nayada Indpur 722121
UPARHIR, P.O. Simlabandh Hirbandh 722121

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