UJJANI Postal Code

Pincode : 422104

Pin code of UJJANI is 422104. This location belongs to pin code of Dahiwadi post office situated in Nashik district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : UJJANI

Post Office : Dahiwadi BO

Postal Code : 422104

Sub District : Sinnar

District : Nashik

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 422104

Location District
Dahiwadi Nashik
Mithsagare Nashik
Pangri BK Nashik
Pathare Nashik
Sayale Nashik
Shaha Nashik
Wavi Nashik

Nearby local areas of UJJANI sharing pincode 422104

Area / Village Pin Code
DAHIWADI, P.O. Dahiwadi 422104
MITH SAGARE, P.O. Wavi 422104
PANGARI BK, P.O. Pangri BK 422104
SHAHA, P.O. Shaha 422104
UJJANI, P.O. Dahiwadi 422104
WAVI, P.O. Wavi 422104
DAHIWADI, P.O. Wavi 422104
PANGRI, P.O. Wavi 422104
PIMPARWADI, P.O. Shaha 422104
WAREGAON, P.O. Pathare 422104
PANGARI KH, P.O. Pangri BK 422104
PATHARE, P.O. Wavi 422104
BHARATPUR, P.O. Shaha 422104
DUSANGWADI, P.O. Sayale 422104
KARWADI, P.O. Shaha 422104
SAYALE, P.O. Wavi 422104
SHAHA, P.O. Wavi 422104
FULENAGAR, P.O. Wavi 422104
KAHANDALWADI, P.O. Wavi 422104
KOLGAONMAL, P.O. Pathare 422104
MIRGAON, P.O. Shaha 422104
LAXMANPUR, P.O. Shaha 422104
MAHAJANPUR, P.O. Dahiwadi 422104
MALDHON, P.O. Sayale 422104
PATHARE BK, P.O. Pathare 422104
MITH SAGARE, P.O. Mithsagare 422104
PATHARE KH, P.O. Pathare 422104
RAMPUR, P.O. Wavi 422104
SAYALE, P.O. Sayale 422104

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