Tirap District Pin Code List

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, Tirap district comprises of 30 post offices.

In order to locate pin codes of post offices belong to Tirap district, simply choose its name from the following drop down menu:

pin codes of Tirap district Arunachal Pradesh

List of Tirap Post Offices' Pincodes (Arunachal Pradesh)

Post Office PIN Code District
Borduria 792130 Tirap
Dadam 792130 Tirap
Deomali 792129 Tirap
Hukanjuri 792129 Tirap
K Nokno 792131 Tirap
Kaimai 792130 Tirap
Kanubari 792130 Tirap
Kapu 792130 Tirap
Khela 792130 Tirap
Kheti 792130 Tirap
Khonsa 792130 Tirap
Khonsa Basti 792130 Tirap
Khotnu 792131 Tirap
Lazu 792130 Tirap
Longding 792131 Tirap
Longfong 792131 Tirap
Minthong 792131 Tirap
Namsang 792129 Tirap
Namsang Mukh 792129 Tirap
Narottam Nagar 792129 Tirap
Nginu 792131 Tirap
Niausa 792131 Tirap
Panchou 792131 Tirap
Senewa 792131 Tirap
Soha 792129 Tirap
Thinsa 792130 Tirap
Tissa 792131 Tirap
Tupi 792130 Tirap
Vally View 792130 Tirap
Wakka 792131 Tirap

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