Pincode : 506172

Pin code of VADDAGUDEM P L is 506172. This location belongs to pin code of Vodagudem post office situated in Warangal district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : VADDAGUDEM P L

Post Office : Vodagudem BO

Postal Code : 506172

Sub District : Tadvai

District : Warangal

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506172

Location District State
Akinepalli Mallaram Warangal Telangana
Borenarsapur Warangal Telangana
Brahmanpalli Warangal Telangana
Buchannapet Warangal Telangana
Cherupalli Warangal Telangana
Chunchupalli Warangal Telangana
Domeda Warangal Telangana
Kamalapur Town Ship Warangal Telangana
Kathigudem Warangal Telangana
Komatipalli Warangal Telangana
Mallur Warangal Telangana
Mangapet Warangal Telangana
Narsimhasagar Warangal Telangana
Poredupalli Warangal Telangana
Rajupet Warangal Telangana
Ramachandrunipet Warangal Telangana
Ramanakkapet Warangal Telangana
Thimmampet Warangal Telangana
Vodagudem Warangal Telangana

Nearby local areas of TONDYALA LAXMIPUR sharing pincode 506172

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KATHIGUDEM, P.O. Kathigudem Mangapet 506172
KORATPALLE D, P.O. Narsimhasagar Eturnagaram 506172
MALLUR, P.O. Mallur Mangapet 506172
NARSIMHASAGAR, P.O. Narsimhasagar Mangapet 506172
POREDUPALLE, P.O. Poredupalli Mangapet 506172
RAIGUDEM, P.O. Kamalapur Town Ship Eturnagaram 506172
BACHANNAPET, P.O. Buchannapet Bachannapet 506172
BANDARUGUDEM, P.O. Brahmanpalli Mangapet 506172
CHUNCHUPALLE, P.O. Chunchupalli Mangapet 506172
GOLLAGUDEM, P.O. Rajupet Mangapet 506172
NARSAPUR MANGAPET, P.O. Borenarsapur Mangapet 506172
NIMMAGUDEM, P.O. Domeda Tadvai 506172
WADDEGUDEM, P.O. Rajupet Tadvai 506172
RAJUPET, P.O. Rajupet Mangapet 506172
RAMANAKKAPET, P.O. Ramanakkapet Mangapet 506172
AKINEPALLE MALLARAM, P.O. Akinepalli Mallaram Mangapet 506172
RAMACHANDRUNIPET, P.O. Ramachandrunipet Mangapet 506172
WADAGUDEM, P.O. Vodagudem Mangapet 506172
BARLAGUDEM, P.O. Poredupalli Mangapet 506172
CHERUPALLE, P.O. Cherupalli Mangapet 506172
DOMEDA, P.O. Domeda Mangapet 506172
LODUKGUDEM, P.O. Buchannapet Mangapet 506172
MANGAPET, P.O. Mangapet Mangapet 506172
MANGAPET PODMUR, P.O. Mangapet Mangapet 506172
KAMALAPURAM, P.O. Kamalapur Town Ship Mangapet 506172
KOMATIPALLE, P.O. Komatipalli Mangapet 506172
THIMMAMPET, P.O. Thimmampet Mangapet 506172
BRAHMANAPALLE, P.O. Brahmanpalli Mangapet 506172
TONDYALA LAXMIPUR, P.O. Komatipalli Mangapet 506172
VADDAGUDEM P L, P.O. Vodagudem Tadvai 506172

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