Pincode : 515408

Pin code of VENGAMPETA is 515408. This location belongs to pin code of Narasapuram post office situated in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : VENGAMPETA

Post Office : Narasapuram BO

Postal Code : 515408

Sub District : Peddapappur

District : Ananthapur

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 515408

Location District State
Brahmanapalli Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Cheemalavagupalli Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Chintalayalapalli Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Gudipadu Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Kamalapadu Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Konauppalapadu Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Narasapuram Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Nitturu Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Pasalur Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Peddayakkalur Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Vemulapadu Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
Yadiki Anantapur Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of THIMMEPALLI sharing pincode 515408

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BONDALADINNE, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
BRAHMANAPALLI, P.O. Brahmanapalli Tadpatri 515408
GARLADINNE, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
KAMALAPADU, P.O. Kamalapadu Yadiki 515408
KATHIMANIPALLI, P.O. Konauppalapadu Yadiki 515408
THIMMEPALLI, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
THIRUMANAPALLI, P.O. Cheemalavagupalli Peddapappur 515408
VEERANNAPALLI, P.O. Kamalapadu Yadiki 515408
VEERAREDDIPALLI, P.O. Kamalapadu Yadiki 515408
CHEEMALAVAGUPALLI, P.O. Cheemalavagupalli Peddapappur 515408
CHERLOPALLI, P.O. Peddayakkalur Peddapappur 515408
NARASAPURAM, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408
PASALUR, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
JOGINEPALLI, P.O. Brahmanapalli Tadpatri 515408
KUMMETHA, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408
KUNDANAKOTA, P.O. Chintalayalapalli Yadiki 515408
BANDARLAPALLI, P.O. Brahmanapalli Tadpatri 515408
CHINTALAYALAPALLI, P.O. Chintalayalapalli Yadiki 515408
GUDIPADU, P.O. Gudipadu Yadiki 515408
KONUPPALAPADU, P.O. Konauppalapadu Yadiki 515408
KOTHAPALLI, P.O. Gudipadu Yadiki 515408
SIVARAMPURAM, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
THIMMAPURAM, P.O. Vemulapadu Yadiki 515408
ATHIRALLADINNE, P.O. Vemulapadu Peddapappur 515408
KAMATAMVARIPALLI, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
KOTHUR, P.O. Brahmanapalli Tadpatri 515408
PENDEKALLU, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408
JODIDHARMAPURAM, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408
JUTUR, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408
KONDAPURAM, P.O. Peddayakkalur Peddapappur 515408
OBULAPURAM, P.O. Konauppalapadu Yadiki 515408
THIPPAREDDIPALLI, P.O. Cheemalavagupalli Peddapappur 515408
VEMULAPADU, P.O. Vemulapadu Yadiki 515408
VENKATAMPALLI, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
YADIKI, P.O. Yadiki Yadiki 515408
KOTTALAPALLI, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
KOTTALAPALLI, P.O. Vemulapadu Yadiki 515408
NITTOOR, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
PINNEPALLI, P.O. Konauppalapadu Yadiki 515408
BOYAREDDIPALLI, P.O. Chintalayalapalli Yadiki 515408
CHIKKEPALLI, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
CHINNAYAKKALURU, P.O. Peddayakkalur Peddapappur 515408
KOTHAPALLI, P.O. Nitturu Yadiki 515408
PEDDAYAKKALURU, P.O. Peddayakkalur Peddapappur 515408
SUNKESULAPALLI, P.O. Pasalur Peddapappur 515408
THURAKAPALLI, P.O. Peddayakkalur Peddapappur 515408
VENGAMPETA, P.O. Narasapuram Peddapappur 515408

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