Pincode : 509205

Pin code of THIMMAREDDYPALLY is 509205. This location belongs to pin code of Nidgurthy post office situated in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : THIMMAREDDYPALLY

Post Office : Nidgurthy BO

Postal Code : 509205

Sub District : Utkoor

District : Mahbubnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 509205

Location District State
Bijwar Mahbubnagar Telangana
Chinna Jatram Mahbubnagar Telangana
Dhanwada Mahbubnagar Telangana
Gudigandla Mahbubnagar Telangana
Gunumukla Mahbubnagar Telangana
Jatram Kalan Mahbubnagar Telangana
Kollampalli Mahbubnagar Telangana
Mandipalli Mahbubnagar Telangana
Nidgurthy Mahbubnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of THIMMAREDDYPALLY sharing pincode 509205

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BIJWAR, P.O. Bijwar Utkoor 509205
CHINNAJATRAM, P.O. Chinna Jatram Narayanpet 509205
KOTHA THANDA, P.O. Mandipalli Dhanwada 509205
BAPURAM, P.O. Nidgurthy Utkoor 509205
POTHAPALLE, P.O. Bijwar Utkoor 509205
ANTHWAR, P.O. Kollampalli Narayanpet 509205
GUNMUKLA, P.O. Gunumukla Dhanwada 509205
KOLLAMPALLE, P.O. Kollampalli Narayanpet 509205
MANDIPALLE, P.O. Mandipalli Dhanwada 509205
PEDDAJATRAM, P.O. Jatram Kalan Utkoor 509205
YAMNANPALLE, P.O. Dhanwada Dhanwada 509205
AUSULONIPALLY, P.O. Jatram Kalan Utkoor 509205
CHANDAPUR, P.O. Chinna Jatram Narayanpet 509205
KOTHAPALLY, P.O. Bijwar Utkoor 509205
MANTHALONIPALLY, P.O. Gunumukla Dhanwada 509205
PATHATHANDA, P.O. Mandipalli Dhanwada 509205
DHANWADA, P.O. Dhanwada Dhanwada 509205
LAXMIPUR, P.O. Chinna Jatram Narayanpet 509205
LINGAMAIPALLY, P.O. Nidgurthy Utkoor 509205
THIMMAREDDYPALLY, P.O. Nidgurthy Utkoor 509205
JOWLAPUR, P.O. Gudigandla Makthal 509205
BOINPALLE, P.O. Chinna Jatram Narayanpet 509205
GUDIGANDLA, P.O. Gudigandla Makthal 509205
LAXMIPALLE, P.O. Nidgurthy Utkoor 509205
MOGDUMPUR, P.O. Jatram Kalan Utkoor 509205
NIDUGURTHI, P.O. Nidgurthy Utkoor 509205
PASPUL, P.O. Dhanwada Dhanwada 509205
AYYAWARIPALLE, P.O. Kollampalli Narayanpet 509205
LINGAMPALLE KOLLAMPALLE, P.O. Dhanwada Narayanpet 509205
LINGAMPALLY, P.O. Kollampalli Narayanpet 509205

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