TEAR Postal Code

Pincode : 805112

Pin code of TEAR is 805112. This location belongs to pin code of Teyar post office situated in Nawada district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : TEAR

Post Office : Teyar BO

Postal Code : 805112

Sub District : Akbarpur

District : Nawada

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 805112

Location District State
Derma Nawada Bihar
Diri Nawada Bihar
Frahimabad Nawada Bihar
Makhar Nawada Bihar
Nanaura Nawada Bihar
Parnawada Nawada Bihar
Pithauri Nawada Bihar
Teyar Nawada Bihar

Nearby local areas of TEAR sharing pincode 805112

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
MAHANANDPUR, P.O. Makhar Akbarpur 805112
MASTANGANJ, P.O. Parnawada Akbarpur 805112
BHADAUNI, P.O. Parnawada Nawada 805112
DAKRA, P.O. Frahimabad Akbarpur 805112
GOPALPUR, P.O. Makhar Akbarpur 805112
NAWADA, P.O. Nanaura Nawada 805112
PITHAURI, P.O. Pithauri Akbarpur 805112
QAZI KATANT, P.O. Pithauri Akbarpur 805112
TARUPUR, P.O. Teyar Narhat 805112
BHAGWANPUR, P.O. Nanaura Nawada 805112
GHANGHAULI, P.O. Frahimabad Nawada 805112
HAZI DHAB, P.O. Pithauri Narhat 805112
LOHANIPUR, P.O. Makhar Akbarpur 805112
MAHULI, P.O. Teyar Nawada 805112
TEAR, P.O. Teyar Akbarpur 805112
AKBARPUR, P.O. Makhar Akbarpur 805112
MAHAPUR, P.O. Makhar Akbarpur 805112
NANAURI, P.O. Nanaura Akbarpur 805112
NAWADA, P.O. Diri Nawada 805112
NAWADA, P.O. Parnawada Nawada 805112
NAWADA, P.O. Teyar Nawada 805112
PAKRI BARWAN, P.O. Derma Pakribarawan 805112
KURMA, P.O. Nanaura Nawada 805112
NEYA, P.O. Teyar Nawada 805112
SAHEB CHAK, P.O. Nanaura Nawada 805112

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