T EDAIYUR Postal Code

Pincode : 607203

Pin code of T EDAIYUR is 607203. This location belongs to pin code of T Edayar post office situated in Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu.

Village / Locality Name : T EDAIYUR

Post Office : T Edayar BO

Postal Code : 607203

Sub District : Tirukkoyilur

District : Viluppuram

State : Tamil Nadu

List of post office belong to postal code 607203

Location District State
Emappur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Gramam Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Kannarampattu Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Kongarayanur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Marangiyur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Paiyur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Sirumadurai Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
T Edayar Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Thaduthatkondur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu
Tiruvennainallur Viluppuram Tamil Nadu

Nearby local areas of T EDAIYUR sharing pincode 607203

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
PAIYUR, P.O. Paiyur Tirukkoyilur 607203
THADUTHATKONDUR, P.O. Thaduthatkondur Tirukkoyilur 607203
GRAMAM, P.O. Gramam Ulundurpettai 607203
KANNARAMPATTU, P.O. Kannarampattu Ulundurpettai 607203
SIRUVANUR, P.O. Emappur Tirukkoyilur 607203
CHINNASEVLAI, P.O. T Edayar Tirukkoyilur 607203
PANAPAKKAM, P.O. T Edayar Tirukkoyilur 607203
SETHUR, P.O. Paiyur Tirukkoyilur 607203
CHOKKALINGAMPETTAI, P.O. Emappur Tirukkoyilur 607203
MALAIYAMPATTU, P.O. Tiruvennainallur Tirukkoyilur 607203
MAZHAYAMPATTU, P.O. Kannarampattu Ulundurpettai 607203
THAKKA, P.O. Kannarampattu Ulundurpettai 607203
THOTTIKUDISAI, P.O. T Edayar Tirukkoyilur 607203
MARANGIYUR, P.O. Marangiyur Tirukkoyilur 607203
SARAYAMEDU, P.O. Kannarampattu Ulundurpettai 607203
KONGARAYANUR, P.O. Kongarayanur Tirukkoyilur 607203
SIRUMADURAI, P.O. Sirumadurai Tirukkoyilur 607203
EMAPPUR, P.O. Emappur Tirukkoyilur 607203
KEERIMEDU, P.O. Thaduthatkondur Tirukkoyilur 607203
MAZHAVARAYANUR, P.O. Sirumadurai Tirukkoyilur 607203
T EDAIYUR, P.O. T Edayar Tirukkoyilur 607203
THENMANGALAM, P.O. Gramam Ulundurpettai 607203
KOORANUR, P.O. Gramam Ulundurpettai 607203
MUTHAIAH NAGAR, P.O. Emappur Tirukkoyilur 607203

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