Pincode : 431144

Pin code of SULTANPUR is 431144. This location belongs to pin code of Kuppa post office situated in Beed district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : SULTANPUR

Post Office : Kuppa BO

Postal Code : 431144

Sub District : Manjlegaon

District : Beed

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 431144

Location District
Chardari Beed
Chichala Beed
Devala Beed
Ghatsawali Beed
Harichanra Pimpri Beed
Kuppa Beed
Pahadi Pargaon Beed
Pipmarkhed Beed
Upali Beed
Wadwani Beed

Nearby local areas of SULTANPUR sharing pincode 431144

Area / Village Pin Code
DUKDEGAON, P.O. Chichala 431144
PARDI, P.O. Harichanra Pimpri 431144
SULTANPUR, P.O. Kuppa 431144
BAVI, P.O. Upali 431144
CHIKHAL BID, P.O. Wadwani 431144
CHINCHWAN, P.O. Wadwani 431144
MAHINDA, P.O. Ghatsawali 431144
PAHADI DAHIFAL, P.O. Pahadi Pargaon 431144
TIGAON, P.O. Chichala 431144
CHINCHOTI, P.O. Harichanra Pimpri 431144
GHAT SAWLI, P.O. Ghatsawali 431144
GHAT SAWLI, P.O. Wadwani 431144
HARISHCHANDRA PIMPRI, P.O. Harichanra Pimpri 431144
PIMPARKHED, P.O. Wadwani 431144
SALIMBA, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
BAKARWADI, P.O. Ghatsawali 431144
HIWARGAVHAN, P.O. Upali 431144
JADID JAWALA, P.O. Harichanra Pimpri 431144
KUPPA, P.O. Kuppa 431144
NIRMALWADI, P.O. Devala 431144
PAHADI PARGAON, P.O. Pahadi Pargaon 431144
PAHADI PARGAON, P.O. Wadwani 431144
PIMPARKHED, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
POKHARI, P.O. Ghatsawali 431144
RAJEWADI, P.O. Kuppa 431144
CHARDARI, P.O. Wadwani 431144
CHINCHALA, P.O. Wadwani 431144
GANJPUR, P.O. Pahadi Pargaon 431144
KHADKI, P.O. Devala 431144
PAHADI DAHIFAL, P.O. Wadwani 431144
PUSRA, P.O. Kuppa 431144
CHARDARI, P.O. Chardari 431144
CHINCHOTI, P.O. Wadwani 431144
DEVLA BK, P.O. Wadwani 431144
KUPPA, P.O. Wadwani 431144
MAMLA, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
UPLI, P.O. Wadwani 431144
ADGAON, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
CHINCHALA, P.O. Chichala 431144
HIWARA PHADI, P.O. Devala 431144
KANHAPUR, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
KATWATWADI, P.O. Devala 431144
LONWAL, P.O. Kuppa 431144
CHINCHWADGAON, P.O. Harichanra Pimpri 431144
KUNDI, P.O. Pahadi Pargaon 431144
LAXMIPUR, P.O. Pipmarkhed 431144
PANGRI, P.O. Pahadi Pargaon 431144
POKHARI, P.O. Ghatsawali 431144
RAJEWADI, P.O. Upali 431144
UPLI, P.O. Upali 431144

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