Pincode : 431125

Pin code of TANDULWADI HAVELI is 431125. This location belongs to pin code of Yellambghat post office situated in Beed district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : TANDULWADI HAVELI

Post Office : Yellambghat BO

Postal Code : 431125

Sub District : Bid

District : Beed

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 431125

Location District State
Chakarwadi Beed Maharashtra
Kalsambar Beed Maharashtra
Manarsumba Beed Maharashtra
Naiknoor Beed Maharashtra
Yellambghat Beed Maharashtra

Nearby local areas of SONPETHWADI sharing pincode 431125

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
DOIPHODWADI, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125
GAWARI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
SANAPWADI, P.O. Kalsambar Bid 431125
SONPETHWADI, P.O. Kalsambar Bid 431125
KALSAMBAR, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
SAFEPUR, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
VAITAGWADI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
YELAMBGHAT, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
BHALWANI, P.O. Kalsambar Bid 431125
CHAUDASWADI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
DHANGARWADI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
MANJAR SUMBA, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
NEKNOOR, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125
CHAKURWADI, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
DHAVJYACHIWADI, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125
KARCHONDI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
TANDULWADI GHAT, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
NEKNOOR, P.O. Kalsambar Bid 431125
SASEWADI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
CHAKURWADI, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125
KHARDEWADI, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125
SAWANTWADI, P.O. Naiknoor Bid 431125
WADGAON KALSAMBAR, P.O. Kalsambar Bid 431125
CHAKURWADI, P.O. Chakarwadi Bid 431125
RATNAGIRI, P.O. Manarsumba Bid 431125
TANDULWADI HAVELI, P.O. Yellambghat Bid 431125

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