SONA KHALI Postal Code

Pincode : 721146

Pin code of SONA KHALI is 721146. This location belongs to pin code of Sonakhali post office situated in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : SONA KHALI

Post Office : Sonakhali BO

Postal Code : 721146

Sub District : Daspur-II

District : Paschim Medinipur

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 721146

Location District State
Chechua Gobinda Nagar Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Fatepur Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Goura Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Hatsarberia Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Kalara Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Palaspai Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Panchberia Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Sekendari Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Sonakhali Paschim Medinipur West Bengal

Nearby local areas of SONA KHALI sharing pincode 721146

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAR KASHIMPUR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
LAKSHMAN CHAK, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
LAKSHYA KUNDU, P.O. Goura Daspur-II 721146
PALASPAI, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
SONA KHALI, P.O. Sonakhali Daspur-II 721146
TIORBERYA, P.O. Goura Daspur-I 721146
BANSHKHAL, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
BEHARICHAK, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
CHAK PRASAD, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
GADAIPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
GARURNA, P.O. Goura Daspur-II 721146
JOT KESHAB, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-II 721146
KADIRPUR FAKIRBAZAR, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
PAIKHANLAKSHMI, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
PANCHBERYA, P.O. Panchberia Debra 721146
SAIDPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
SINGHACHAK, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
UTTAR GOBINDANAGAR, P.O. Chechua Gobinda Nagar Daspur-I 721146
ANANTAPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
BALITORA, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
JALALPUR, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
JOT BHAGABAN, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-II 721146
JOT GOBARDHAN P, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-II 721146
SONAMUI, P.O. Goura Daspur-II 721146
DHARMMASAGAR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
DURGAPUR, P.O. Goura Daspur-I 721146
HOSENPUR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
JYOTISAB, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
KRISHNANAGAR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
MANIKPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
NABIN MAHESHPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
NABIN MAHESPUR, P.O. Fatepur Daspur-I 721146
PANCH GECHIA PART 1, P.O. Panchberia Debra 721146
PANCHBERYA, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-I 721146
SARBERYA, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
BARJALALPUR, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
BASANTAPUR, P.O. Chechua Gobinda Nagar Daspur-I 721146
CHAK SULTAN, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-II 721146
DEBKUL, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
GOBINDANAGAR, P.O. Goura Daspur-I 721146
KALARA, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
NANDANPUR, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
TATARPUR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
AJURYA, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
JAGANNATH BATI, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
JAJPUR, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
MIRJJAPUR, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
PATLA, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
RATNAPUR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
SAMATBERYA, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
SEKENDARI, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
JATADHARPUR, P.O. Kalara Daspur-I 721146
JOT GOBARDHAN P, P.O. Panchberia Daspur-I 721146
JOTMANIRAM, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
KISMATKALERA, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
MAHESHPUR, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
PALASHPAI, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
PANCH GECHHIA PART I, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
RAMPUR, P.O. Palaspai Daspur-II 721146
SEKENDARI, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
TATARKHAN, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
GANGAPRASAD, P.O. Sekendari Daspur-I 721146
RAMCHANDRAPUR, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
SHAULAN, P.O. Hatsarberia Daspur-I 721146
SHYAM CHAK, P.O. Goura Daspur-II 721146

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