Pincode : 516162

Pin code of VENKATESAPURAM is 516162. This location belongs to pin code of Sivalapalli post office situated in Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : VENKATESAPURAM

Post Office : Sivalapalli BO

Postal Code : 516162

Sub District : Chennur

District : Cuddapah

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 516162

Location District State
Bayanapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Chennur Cuddapah Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Chinnamachupalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Kokkarayapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Mundlapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Obulampalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Pushpagiri Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Rachinnayapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Ramanapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Sivalapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Upparapalli Kadapa Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of SIVALAPALLE sharing pincode 516162

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
CHENNUR, P.O. Pushpagiri Chennur 516162
GURRAMPADU, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
MUNDLAPALLE, P.O. Mundlapalli Chennur 516162
PATHIMAPURAM, P.O. Chinnamachupalli Chennur 516162
BAYANAPALLE, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
CHAKALAVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Sivalapalli Chennur 516162
DUGGANAPALLE, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
KOKKARAYAPALLE, P.O. Kokkarayapalli Chennur 516162
NAZEERBEGPALLE, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
OBULAMPALLE, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
UPPARAPALLE, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
BUDDAYAPALLE, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
ELECTRICPOWER, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
GOPAVARAM, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
PUSHPAGIRI, P.O. Pushpagiri Chennur 516162
BALASINGHPALLE, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
KHADERKHANKOTTALU, P.O. Rachinnayapalli Chennur 516162
RUDRABHARATHIPETA, P.O. Chennur Cuddapah Chennur 516162
SIVALAPALLE, P.O. Sivalapalli Chennur 516162
CHINAMACHUPALLE, P.O. Chinnamachupalli Chennur 516162
RACHINNAYAPALLE, P.O. Rachinnayapalli Chennur 516162
VENKATESAPURAM, P.O. Chennur Cuddapah Vallur 516162
ADINIMMAYAPALLE, P.O. Pushpagiri Chennur 516162
GANDHI WATER WORKS, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
HOUSE, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
ANJANEYAPURAM, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
CHENNUR, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
KASIPURAM, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
MADRASCOLONY, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
MITTAPALLE, P.O. Pushpagiri Chennur 516162
NARASAREDDIPALLE, P.O. Upparapalli Chennur 516162
SESHAIAHGARIPALLE, P.O. Chinnamachupalli Chennur 516162
CHENNUR, P.O. Chennur Cuddapah Chennur 516162
CHINNAMACHUPALLE, P.O. Chinnamachupalli Chennur 516162
KANUPARTHI, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
KOTHAROAD COLONY, P.O. Chennur Cuddapah Vallur 516162
MARKAPURAMKOTTALU, P.O. Bayanapalli Chennur 516162
PENNAR PAPER LTD, P.O. Obulampalli Chennur 516162
RAMANAPALLE, P.O. Ramanapalli Chennur 516162
VENKATESAPURAM, P.O. Sivalapalli Chennur 516162

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