SINHA Postal Code

Pincode : 802316

Pin code of SINHA is 802316. This location belongs to pin code of Sinhaghat post office situated in Bhojpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : SINHA

Post Office : Sinhaghat BO

Postal Code : 802316

Sub District : Barhara

District : Bhojpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802316

Location District State
Mahulighat Bhojpur Bihar
Nathmalpur Bhojpur Bihar
Prashurampur Bhojpur Bihar
Sinha Bhojpur Bihar
Sinhaghat Bhojpur Bihar
Sohara Tribhuani Bhojpur Bihar

Nearby local areas of SINHA sharing pincode 802316

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
GYANPUR, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
KUDARIA, P.O. Prashurampur Barhara 802316
SEMARIA JIONARAIN, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
GAZIPUR FARHADA, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
KHAWASPUR, P.O. Sohara Tribhuani Barhara 802316
SINHA, P.O. Sinhaghat Barhara 802316
JOKAHRI, P.O. Mahulighat Barhara 802316
MILKI, P.O. Sinhaghat Koilwar 802316
NATHMALPUR, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
PARASRAMPUR, P.O. Prashurampur Barhara 802316
SOHRA, P.O. Sohara Tribhuani Barhara 802316
TULSHIPUR, P.O. Nathmalpur Arrah 802316
ACHHAI CHAK, P.O. Sinha Barhara 802316
KHAWASPUR UNSURVEYED, P.O. Sinha Barhara 802316
MAHUI, P.O. Nathmalpur Koilwar 802316
SHIVPUR, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
CHHINEGAON, P.O. Sinha Barhara 802316
FARHANGPUR, P.O. Nathmalpur Koilwar 802316
JAGATPUR, P.O. Prashurampur Barhara 802316
SANJOEL, P.O. Nathmalpur Barhara 802316
SINHA, P.O. Sinha Barhara 802316
GAZIPUR, P.O. Sinha Arrah 802316
MAJHAULI, P.O. Mahulighat Barhara 802316
MILKI, P.O. Sinhaghat Barhara 802316
NURPUR, P.O. Mahulighat Barhara 802316

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