Pincode : 509131

Pin code of SINGAMPETA is 509131. This location belongs to pin code of Mulamalla post office situated in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : SINGAMPETA

Post Office : Mulamalla BO

Postal Code : 509131

Sub District : Atmakur

District : Mahbubnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 509131

Location District State
Arepally Mahbubnagar Telangana
Atmakur So A Mahbubnagar Telangana
Chinta Kunta Kurd Mahbubnagar Telangana
Gopanpet Mahbubnagar Telangana
Juriyala Mahbubnagar Telangana
Motlampally Mahbubnagar Telangana
Mulamalla Mahbubnagar Telangana
Nandimalla Mahbubnagar Telangana
Rechintala Mahbubnagar Telangana
Thipdampally Mahbubnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of SINGAMPETA sharing pincode 509131

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
THIPPADAMPALLE, P.O. Thipdampally Atmakur 509131
BALAKISTAPUR, P.O. Gopanpet Atmakur 509131
CHINNACHINTAKUNTA, P.O. Atmakur So A Chinnachintakunta 509131
MOTLAMPALLE, P.O. Motlampally Atmakur 509131
DEVARAPALLE, P.O. Thipdampally Atmakur 509131
GUNTIPALLE, P.O. Juriyala Atmakur 509131
KARVENA, P.O. Gopanpet Atmakur 509131
KRISHNAMPALLY, P.O. Nandimalla Atmakur 509131
KHANAPUR, P.O. Mulamalla Atmakur 509131
SOMSAGAR, P.O. Atmakur So A Atmakur 509131
SRI RAMNAGAR RLY STN, P.O. Thipdampally Atmakur 509131
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Gopanpet Chinnachintakunta 509131
SINGAMPETA, P.O. Mulamalla Atmakur 509131
AREPALLE, P.O. Arepally Atmakur 509131
EDULAPUR, P.O. Chinta Kunta Kurd Chinnachintakunta 509131
GOPANPETA, P.O. Gopanpet Atmakur 509131
KATHEPALLE, P.O. Arepally Atmakur 509131
LAKSHMIDEVIPUR, P.O. Chinta Kunta Kurd Chinnachintakunta 509131
THOOMPALLE, P.O. Rechintala Atmakur 509131
CHINNACHINTAKUNTA, P.O. Chinta Kunta Kurd Chinnachintakunta 509131
JURIAL, P.O. Juriyala Atmakur 509131
MULAMALLA, P.O. Mulamalla Atmakur 509131
NANDIMALLA, P.O. Nandimalla Atmakur 509131
PINAMCHERLA, P.O. Mulamalla Atmakur 509131
RANGAPUR, P.O. Atmakur So A Atmakur 509131
ATMAKUR, P.O. Atmakur So A Atmakur 509131
MEDEPALLE, P.O. Motlampally Atmakur 509131
RECHINTALA, P.O. Rechintala Atmakur 509131
VEERARAGHAVAPUR, P.O. Rechintala Atmakur 509131

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