SHAHPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 503212

Pin code of SHAHPUR is 503212. This location belongs to pin code of Shapur post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : SHAHPUR

Post Office : Shapur BO

Postal Code : 503212

Sub District : Nandipet

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503212

Location District
Badguni Nizamabad
Chimrajpalli Nizamabad
Dattapur Nizamabad
Donkeshwar Nizamabad
Gadepalli Nizamabad
Khudwanpur Nizamabad
Kondur Nizamabad
Marampalli Nizamabad
Nandipet Nizamabad
Narkoda Jagir Nizamabad
Noothpalli Nizamabad
Shapur Nizamabad
Talveda Nizamabad
Ummeda Nizamabad
Vannel k Nizamabad

Nearby local areas of SHAHPUR sharing pincode 503212

Area / Village Pin Code
DATTAPUR, P.O. Dattapur 503212
GANGASAMUNDAR, P.O. Marampalli 503212
SHAHPUR, P.O. Shapur 503212
ANNARAM, P.O. Donkeshwar 503212
NARKODH, P.O. Narkoda Jagir 503212
NOOTHPALLE, P.O. Noothpalli 503212
TONDAKUR, P.O. Donkeshwar 503212
VANNEL KHURD, P.O. Vannel "k" 503212
LAKKAMPALLE, P.O. Talveda 503212
UMMEDA, P.O. Ummeda 503212
KONDUR, P.O. Kondur 503212
SIRPUR, P.O. Donkeshwar 503212
CHIMRAJPALLE, P.O. Chimrajpalli 503212
KUSHTAPUR, P.O. Nandipet 503212
BADGONI, P.O. Badguni 503212
KOMATPALLE, P.O. Badguni 503212
MARAMPALLE, P.O. Marampalli 503212
MAYAPUR, P.O. Ummeda 503212
NANDIPET, P.O. Nandipet 503212
NIKALPUR, P.O. Badguni 503212
TALVEDA, P.O. Talveda 503212
GADEPALLE, P.O. Gadepalli 503212
BAZARKOTHUR, P.O. Nandipet 503212
C H KONDOOR, P.O. Kondur 503212
DONKESHWAR, P.O. Donkeshwar 503212
JOORPUR, P.O. Khudwanpur 503212
KHUDAVANDAPUR, P.O. Khudwanpur 503212
SIDDAPUR, P.O. Vannel "k" 503212
SRIRAMPUR, P.O. Nandipet 503212

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