Pincode : 502334

Pin code of SHABASHPALLE is 502334. This location belongs to pin code of Donthi post office situated in Medak district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : SHABASHPALLE

Post Office : Donthi BO

Postal Code : 502334

Sub District : Shivampet

District : Medak

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 502334

Location District State
Bangla Venkatapur Medak Telangana
Begumpet Medak Telangana
Brahamanpally Medak Telangana
Chandi Medak Telangana
Donthi Medak Telangana
Ghanpur Medak Telangana
Majeedpally Medak Telangana
Nacharam Medak Telangana
Nemtur Medak Telangana
Pambanda Medak Telangana
Shivampet Medak Telangana
Toopran Medak Telangana
Waddepally Medak Telangana

Nearby local areas of SHABASHPALLE sharing pincode 502334

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BEGUMPET, P.O. Toopran Doultabad 502334
DONTHI, P.O. Donthi Shivampet 502334
MASJID PALLE NK, P.O. Majeedpally Tupran 502334
SHABASHPALLE, P.O. Donthi Shivampet 502334
BIJILIPUR, P.O. Chandi Shivampet 502334
MADHARAM, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
VATTUR, P.O. Brahamanpally Tupran 502334
VENKATAPUR @ PATTITUPRAN, P.O. Brahamanpally Tupran 502334
ALLAPUR, P.O. Ghanpur Tupran 502334
IMMAPUR, P.O. Ghanpur Tupran 502334
LINGOJIGUDA, P.O. Shivampet Shivampet 502334
MAQDUMPUR, P.O. Donthi Shivampet 502334
MENTUR, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
NARSAMPALLE, P.O. Nacharam Wargal 502334
RAMACHANDRAPUR, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
VENKATAPUR AGRAHARAM, P.O. Ghanpur Tupran 502334
APPAIPALLE, P.O. Begumpet Doultabad 502334
BEGUMPET, P.O. Begumpet Doultabad 502334
CHANDAPUR, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
PAMBANDA, P.O. Pambanda Shivampet 502334
WADDEPALLE, P.O. Waddepally Doultabad 502334
GOVINDAPUR, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
HUSSAINPUR, P.O. Begumpet Tupran 502334
NACHARAM, P.O. Nacharam Wargal 502334
PADALPALLE, P.O. Brahamanpally Tupran 502334
USIRIKAPALLE, P.O. Pambanda Shivampet 502334
YAVAPUR, P.O. Ghanpur Tupran 502334
YELKAL, P.O. Bangla Venkatapur Doultabad 502334
BANGLA VENKATAPUR, P.O. Bangla Venkatapur Gajwel 502334
BANGLA VENKATAPUR, P.O. Toopran Gajwel 502334
BRAHMANAPALLE, P.O. Brahamanpally Tupran 502334
EDULAPUR, P.O. Chandi Shivampet 502334
GIRMAPUR, P.O. Nemtur Wargal 502334
MACHANPALLE, P.O. Waddepally Doultabad 502334
MALKAPUR, P.O. Begumpet Tupran 502334
MAQTA MASANPALLE, P.O. Bangla Venkatapur Gajwel 502334
TUPRAN, P.O. Toopran Tupran 502334
WADDEPALLE, P.O. Toopran Doultabad 502334
CHANDI, P.O. Chandi Shivampet 502334
GHANPUR, P.O. Ghanpur Tupran 502334
MAJIDPALLE, P.O. Majeedpally Wargal 502334
SHIVAMPET, P.O. Shivampet Shivampet 502334

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