Pincode : 423703

Pin code of SAWANDGAON is 423703. This location belongs to pin code of Savandgaon post office situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : SAWANDGAON

Post Office : Savandgaon BO

Postal Code : 423703

Sub District : Vaijapur

District : Aurangabad

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 423703

Location District
Bhivgaon Aurangabad
Borsar Bhingi Aurangabad
Dahegaon Aurangabad
Dhondalgaon Aurangabad
Karanjgaon Aurangabad
Nalegaon Aurangabad
Palkheda Aurangabad
Parsoda Aurangabad
Parsoda Sk Aurangabad
Savandgaon Aurangabad
Shivrai Aurangabad

Nearby local areas of SAWANDGAON sharing pincode 423703

Area / Village Pin Code
BENDAWADI, P.O. Parsoda Sk 423703
GOLWADI, P.O. Dahegaon 423703
NALEGAON, P.O. Nalegaon 423703
PANGHAVAN, P.O. Parsoda 423703
BHINGI, P.O. Borsar Bhingi 423703
BHIVGAON, P.O. Bhivgaon 423703
BORSAR, P.O. Borsar Bhingi 423703
AMANATPURWADI, P.O. Dhondalgaon 423703
KARANJGAON, P.O. Karanjgaon 423703
LONI BK, P.O. Savandgaon 423703
MIRAKHNAGAR, P.O. Parsoda 423703
SHIVRAI, P.O. Shivrai 423703
MAKARMATPUR, P.O. Shivrai 423703
SANJARPURWADI, P.O. Parsoda 423703
SAWANDGAON, P.O. Savandgaon 423703
DHONDALGAON, P.O. Dhondalgaon 423703
GOLWADI, P.O. Dahegaon 423703
HADAS PIMPALGAON, P.O. Karanjgaon 423703
PARSODA, P.O. Parsoda 423703
PARSODA, P.O. Parsoda Sk 423703
SHELGAON KHALSA, P.O. Dahegaon 423703
TIDHI, P.O. Shivrai 423703
PALKHED, P.O. Palkheda 423703
RAHEGAVHAN, P.O. Parsoda 423703

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