Pincode : 431126

Pin code of SOMNATHWADI is 431126. This location belongs to pin code of Limbaganesh post office situated in Beed district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : SOMNATHWADI

Post Office : Limbaganesh BO

Postal Code : 431126

Sub District : Bid

District : Beed

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 431126

Location District State
Anjanwati Beed Maharashtra
Borkhed Beed Maharashtra
Chousala Beed Maharashtra
Devi Babhulgoan Beed Maharashtra
Hingni BK Beed Maharashtra
Jeba Pimpri Beed Maharashtra
Khadkighat Beed Maharashtra
Limbaganesh Beed Maharashtra
Lonighat Beed Maharashtra
Morgaon Beed Maharashtra
Naholi Beed Maharashtra
Nandurghat Beed Maharashtra
Palshingan Beed Maharashtra
Pimpalgaon Ghat Beed Maharashtra
Pothra Beed Maharashtra
Shirurghat Beed Maharashtra
Waghebabhulgaon Beed Maharashtra

Nearby local areas of SATRA sharing pincode 431126

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AMBIL WADGAON, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
CHANDANI, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
CHAUSALA, P.O. Lonighat Bid 431126
JEBA PIMPRI, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
LIMBA GANESH, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
MAHAJANWADI, P.O. Borkhed Bid 431126
MASEWADI, P.O. Limbaganesh Bid 431126
MUNDEWADI, P.O. Waghebabhulgaon Kaij 431126
PIMPALGAON GHAT, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
PIMPARNAI, P.O. Limbaganesh Bid 431126
RUIGAVHAN, P.O. Pimpalgaon Ghat Bid 431126
SATRA, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
SAWARGAON GHAT, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
NANDURGHAT, P.O. Nandurghat Kaij 431126
TANDALYACHIWADI, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
UDANDWADGAON, P.O. Morgaon Bid 431126
WADHAVANA, P.O. Pimpalgaon Ghat Bid 431126
ANJANWATI, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
BALAPUR, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
CHAUSALA, P.O. Palshingan Bid 431126
DAITHANA, P.O. Naholi Kaij 431126
GADALYACHI WADI, P.O. Shirurghat Kaij 431126
KUMBHARI, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
NAREWADI, P.O. Waghebabhulgaon Kaij 431126
SHIRURGHAT, P.O. Chousala Kaij 431126
SULTANPUR, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
WAGHEBABHALGAON, P.O. Waghebabhulgaon Kaij 431126
BORKHED, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
CHAUSALA, P.O. Jeba Pimpri Bid 431126
DEVI BABHULGAON, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
GHARGAON, P.O. Anjanwati Bid 431126
NAHOLI, P.O. Naholi Kaij 431126
NANDURGHAT, P.O. Chousala Kaij 431126
PITTHIGHAT, P.O. Nandurghat Kaij 431126
SHIRURGHAT, P.O. Shirurghat Kaij 431126
SULTANPUR N V, P.O. Pothra Manjlegaon 431126
WAGHEBABHALGAON, P.O. Chousala Kaij 431126
CHAUSALA, P.O. Devi Babhulgoan Bid 431126
HINGANI BK, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
MURSHADPUR GHAT, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
RAULASGAON, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
BELGAON, P.O. Limbaganesh Bid 431126
DHAKANWADI, P.O. Nandurghat Kaij 431126
GOLANGRI, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
HINGANI KH, P.O. Hingni BK Bid 431126
MORGAON, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
PALSINGAN, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
ANDHAPURI GHAT, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
CHANDEGAON, P.O. Pothra Bid 431126
GOGALWADI, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
KHANDALA, P.O. Morgaon Bid 431126
MALEWADI, P.O. Pimpalgaon Ghat Bid 431126
NAHOLI, P.O. Chousala Kaij 431126
POTHRA, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
SAKHARE BORGAON, P.O. Morgaon Bid 431126
TANDULWADI BHILL, P.O. Khadkighat Bid 431126
WANGAON, P.O. Morgaon Bid 431126
KHADKIGHAT, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
LONIGHAT, P.O. Chousala Bid 431126
MULUKWADI, P.O. Limbaganesh Bid 431126
SOMNATHWADI, P.O. Limbaganesh Bid 431126

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