SARAI Postal Code

Pincode : 140119

Pin code of SARAI is 140119. This location belongs to pin code of Bhaowal post office situated in Rupnagar district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : SARAI

Post Office : Bhaowal BO

Postal Code : 140119

Sub District : Anandpur Sahib

District : Rupnagar

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 140119

Location District
Abiana Chandigarh
Bajrur Ropar
Bhaowal Rupnagar
Dhamana Ropar
Jhandian Rupnagar
Takhatgarh Rupnagar
Tibba Taparian Rupnagar

Nearby local areas of SARAI sharing pincode 140119

Area / Village Pin Code
ASALATPUR, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
LAHRIAN, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
NANGAL, P.O. Abiana 140119
RAIPUR, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
ABIANA KHURD, P.O. Abiana 140119
AULAKH, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
BAJRUR, P.O. Bajrur 140119
CHHAJA, P.O. Bajrur 140119
CHONTA, P.O. Bajrur 140119
GARH BAGGA, P.O. Tibba Taparian 140119
RAJGIRI, P.O. Dhamana 140119
TAKHATGARH, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
TIBBA TAPPRIAN, P.O. Tibba Taparian 140119
BHATON, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
DAHIRPUR, P.O. Abiana 140119
DHAMANA, P.O. Dhamana 140119
ABIANA KALAN, P.O. Abiana 140119
BATHLOUR KHAD, P.O. Tibba Taparian 140119
BHAUWAL, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
BHOGIPUR, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
KHATANA, P.O. Tibba Taparian 140119
MUNNA, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
MADHOPUR, P.O. Abiana 140119
SARAI, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
BATARLA, P.O. Abiana 140119
SARTHALI, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
HARIPUR, P.O. Tibba Taparian 140119
JHANDIAN, P.O. Jhandian 140119
TAPRIAN GHARISPUR, P.O. Takhatgarh 140119
BAHMAN MAJRA, P.O. Jhandian 140119
BAINS, P.O. Bhaowal 140119
JATWAHAR, P.O. Dhamana 140119
TIBBA NANGAL, P.O. Jhandian 140119

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