SISWA Postal Code

Pincode : 851214

Pin code of SISWA is 851214. This location belongs to pin code of Siswa post office situated in Khagaria district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : SISWA

Post Office : Siswa BO

Postal Code : 851214

Sub District : Gogri

District : Khagaria

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 851214

Location District State
Amni Khagaria Bihar
Babu Bagicha Khagaria Bihar
Balha Khagaria Bihar
Fango Khagaria Bihar
Garhiya Khagaria Bihar
Mansi Khagaria Bihar
Rohiyar Khagaria Bihar
Saidpur Khagaria Bihar
Sansarpur Khagaria Bihar
Siswa Khagaria Bihar
Thatha Khagaria Bihar
Thuthi Khagaria Bihar

Nearby local areas of SANSARPUR sharing pincode 851214

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BALHA, P.O. Balha Mansi 851214
SIRJUA, P.O. Babu Bagicha Gogri 851214
TELAR, P.O. Thuthi Barauni 851214
BABU BAGICHA, P.O. Babu Bagicha Khagaria 851214
PHANGO, P.O. Fango Chautham 851214
ROHIAR, P.O. Rohiyar Chautham 851214
THATHA, P.O. Thatha Mansi 851214
BAKHTIARPUR, P.O. Mansi Mansi 851214
BAL KUNDA, P.O. Rohiyar Chautham 851214
GORHIA, P.O. Garhiya Chautham 851214
HEYATPUR, P.O. Saidpur Mansi 851214
KHUTIA, P.O. Mansi Mansi 851214
MANSI, P.O. Mansi Mansi 851214
PAHAR CHAK, P.O. Garhiya Chautham 851214
SAIDPUR, P.O. Saidpur Mansi 851214
SISWA, P.O. Siswa Parbatta 851214
THAMTA, P.O. Thatha Mansi 851214
AMNI, P.O. Amni Mansi 851214
CHAK KAMAL, P.O. Amni Mansi 851214
SANSARPUR, P.O. Sansarpur Khagaria 851214
SAR SAWA, P.O. Siswa Chautham 851214
THUTHI MOHANPUR, P.O. Thuthi Chautham 851214
CHAK HUSSAINI, P.O. Mansi Mansi 851214
SHAHPUR BHAGWAN, P.O. Sansarpur Mansi 851214
BUCHCHA, P.O. Fango Chautham 851214
MORA, P.O. Babu Bagicha Gogri 851214
SISWA, P.O. Siswa Gogri 851214

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