ROTWAD Postal Code

Pincode : 425114

Pin code of ROTWAD is 425114. This location belongs to pin code of Rotwad post office situated in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : ROTWAD

Post Office : Rotwad BO

Postal Code : 425114

Sub District : Jamner

District : Jalgaon

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 425114

Location District State
Devpimpri Jalgaon Maharashtra
Hiwarkheda Jalgaon Maharashtra
Kekat Nimbhora Jalgaon Maharashtra
Mohadi Jalgaon Maharashtra
Neri BK Jalgaon Maharashtra
Palaskheda Mirache Jalgaon Maharashtra
Rotwad Jalgaon Maharashtra
Sunasgaon Jalgaon Maharashtra

Nearby local areas of ROTWAD sharing pincode 425114

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KEKAT NIMBHORA, P.O. Kekat Nimbhora Jamner 425114
NERI BK, P.O. Neri BK Jamner 425114
PALAS KHEDE MIRACHE, P.O. Palaskheda Mirache Jamner 425114
DEOPIMPRI, P.O. Devpimpri Jamner 425114
SUNASGAON BK, P.O. Sunasgaon Jamner 425114
MOHADI, P.O. Mohadi Jamner 425114
HIVAR KHEDE BK, P.O. Hiwarkheda Jamner 425114
ROTWAD, P.O. Rotwad Jamner 425114

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