RATTIPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 812004

Pin code of RATTIPUR is 812004. This location belongs to pin code of Shankarpur post office situated in Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : RATTIPUR

Post Office : Shankarpur BO

Postal Code : 812004

Sub District : Nathnagar

District : Bhagalpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 812004

Location District
Amribishapur Bhagalpur
Champanagar Bhagalpur
Fatehpur Bhagalpur
Mirzapur Bhagalpur
Ranuchakmakandpur Bhagalpur
Sahebganj Bhagalpur
Shankarpur Bhagalpur

Nearby local areas of RATTIPUR sharing pincode 812004

Area / Village Pin Code
BASANTPUR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
KHUTAHA, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
MADHOPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
MAKUNPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
DELDARPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004
AJMERIPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
BHARAT RASULPURA ARAZI, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
HASANCHAK, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
MEHARBANCHAK, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur 812004
PAIGAMBARPUR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
PARNATHPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004
BISHUNPUR ARAZI, P.O. Amribishapur 812004
KANJHIA NURPUR, P.O. Mirzapur 812004
KHILAUN, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
MOHANPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004
MAKANPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004
MANSARPUR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
PURANI SARAI, P.O. Champanagar 812004
TOLA PHULIDUMAR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
GAURIPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
KARANPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
MAKANPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
RATTIPUR, P.O. Shankarpur 812004
SERAMPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004
SHANKARPUR, P.O. Shankarpur 812004
SUJAPUR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
BHARAT RASULPUR, P.O. Ranuchakmakandpur 812004
DARABPUR, P.O. Shankarpur 812004
FATEHPUR, P.O. Fatehpur 812004
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur 812004
RASIDPUR, P.O. Champanagar 812004

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