RATANPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 203393

Pin code of RATANPUR is 203393. This location belongs to pin code of Kaser Kalan post office situated in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : RATANPUR

Post Office : Kaser Kalan BO

Postal Code : 203393

Sub District : Debai **

District : Bulandshahr

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 203393

Location District
Asadpur Gher Bulandshahr
Daurau Bulandshahr
Debai Bazar Bulandshahr
Debai Bulandshahr
Dharmpur Bulandshahr
Dogawan Bulandshahr
Karanbash Bulandshahr
Kaser Kalan Bulandshahr
Kaser Khurd Bulandshahr
Kharikbari Bulandshahr
Khushalabad Bulandshahr
Pilkhana Bulandshahr
Rahim Kot Bulandshahr
Raj Ghat Bulandshahr
Satoha Bulandshahr
Talwar Bulandshahr
Uamrara Bulandshahr

Nearby local areas of RATANPUR sharing pincode 203393

Area / Village Pin Code
AURANGABAD KASAIR, P.O. Kaser Khurd 203393
BARARI, P.O. Debai 203393
BHIMPUR DAURAHA, P.O. Debai 203393
KARIRI, P.O. Debai 203393
KHERIA, P.O. Daurau 203393
NAGLA KHERA, P.O. Debai 203393
NAVIPUR KHEDIYA, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
NAYA BASS, P.O. Debai 203393
NAYABAS BANGAR, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
NAYABAS KHADAR, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
RAJGHAT KHADER, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
RAMVILAUNI, P.O. Dogawan 203393
RATANPUR, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
UDAIPUR, P.O. Talwar 203393
BARAINA, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
BHIMPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
BILONA CHHAP BANGAR, P.O. Karanbash 203393
DAUGAVAN, P.O. Dogawan 203393
GODHNA, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
HIRAPUR KALAN, P.O. Karanbash 203393
HIRAPUR KHURD, P.O. Daurau 203393
KHARAKWARI, P.O. Kharikbari 203393
KHUSALABAD, P.O. Khushalabad 203393
LACHCHHAMPUR, P.O. Dogawan 203393
NAGLA, P.O. Talwar 203393
SULTANPUR BILAUNI, P.O. Rahim Kot 203393
ASADPUR GHER, P.O. Asadpur Gher 203393
CHARAURI RANI KALYANI, P.O. Khushalabad 203393
CHIMNAWALI, P.O. Debai 203393
DEBAI, P.O. Debai 203393
DIBAI DEHAT, P.O. Debai 203393
EDALPUR, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
GHUSRANA GAIL, P.O. Debai 203393
ICHHAVARI, P.O. Daurau 203393
KARANSINGHPUR, P.O. Dogawan 203393
KASER KALAN, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
NAGLA BANJARA, P.O. Kaser Khurd 203393
RAHIMKOT, P.O. Rahim Kot 203393
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Debai 203393
SATOHA, P.O. Satoha 203393
TALWAR, P.O. Talwar 203393
TIRLOKPUR, P.O. Kaser Khurd 203393
AMARPUR, P.O. Daurau 203393
BADARPUR, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
BHIMGARHI, P.O. Daurau 203393
BILONA CHHAP KHADAR, P.O. Karanbash 203393
CHANDPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
DAURAU, P.O. Daurau 203393
DIBAI KHURD, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
DIYORAU, P.O. Daurau 203393
GALIBPUR, P.O. Uamrara 203393
GARHIA SULTANPUR, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
GOVINDPUR, P.O. Asadpur Gher 203393
HUSAINPUR, P.O. Daurau 203393
KADRI BAGH, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
KHAIRPUR, P.O. Khushalabad 203393
NAHRI, P.O. Debai 203393
RAJGHAT BANGAR, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
SHAHDAVAN, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
UDAYGARHI BANGAR, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
ALAMPUR URF CHILMAPUR, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
BURHANPUR KALAN, P.O. Khushalabad 203393
GANGAPUR, P.O. Karanbash 203393
KARNVAS BANGAR, P.O. Karanbash 203393
KARNVAS KHADAR, P.O. Karanbash 203393
PRAKASHPUR, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
RAHMAPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
UDAY GARHI KHADER, P.O. Raj Ghat 203393
UMRARA, P.O. Uamrara 203393
AUKHAD, P.O. Debai 203393
BADHAUR, P.O. Uamrara 203393
BHAMRAUA, P.O. Kharikbari 203393
CHAMERHI, P.O. Kharikbari 203393
ESANPUR, P.O. Kharikbari 203393
KARANVAS B O, P.O. Karanbash 203393
OKHAND, P.O. Debai 203393
PALAKSER, P.O. Kaser Kalan 203393
PILKHANA, P.O. Pilkhana 203393
SABALPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
SHERPUR, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
BURHANPUR KHURD, P.O. Asadpur Gher 203393
DHARMPUR, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
GOSAMI, P.O. Karanbash 203393
JALALPUR JAH, P.O. Asadpur Gher 203393
JARAINA, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
JASUPUR GANJ, P.O. Debai 203393
KUMRAUA, P.O. Khushalabad 203393
NAGLA BHOOR, P.O. Debai 203393
NAGLA DEVI, P.O. Debai 203393
NAGLA PUTHERA, P.O. Debai 203393
POKHARPUR, P.O. Dharmpur 203393
YAVAPUR, P.O. Daurau 203393
AFJALPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
AKBARBAS, P.O. Uamrara 203393
JIRAJ PUR, P.O. Debai 203393
NAGLA DAN SAHAY, P.O. Asadpur Gher 203393
NAGLA KIDHA, P.O. Debai 203393
PIPARIYA NAGLA, P.O. Debai 203393
RAHMANPUR, P.O. Debai 203393
UMRARI, P.O. Dharmpur 203393

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