Pincode : 502248

Pin code of RAMAYAPALLY is 502248. This location belongs to pin code of Khajapur post office situated in Medak district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : RAMAYAPALLY

Post Office : Khajapur BO

Postal Code : 502248

Sub District : Shankarampet (R)

District : Medak

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 502248

Location District
Gavvalapally Medak
Khajapur Medak
Madur Medak
Mirzapally Medak
Narsingee Medak
Shankarampet Medak
Zapthi Shivnoor Medak

Nearby local areas of RAMAYAPALLY sharing pincode 502248

Area / Village Pin Code
AGRAHARAM, P.O. Gavvalapally 502248
JAMSING LINGAPUR, P.O. Khajapur 502248
KASLAPUR, P.O. Narsingee 502248
CHANDAPUR, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
MALLOPALLY, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
SHALIPET, P.O. Madur 502248
SINGAIPALLY, P.O. Madur 502248
KUMARPALLY, P.O. Khajapur 502248
VALLABHAPUR, P.O. Narsingee 502248
AMBAJIPET, P.O. Gavvalapally 502248
BHAGIRTHIPALLY, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
KORIVIPALLE, P.O. Gavvalapally 502248
RAMAYAPALLY, P.O. Khajapur 502248
GAJGATLAPALLE, P.O. Madur 502248
MIRZAPALLE, P.O. Mirzapally 502248
NARSAMPALLY, P.O. Zapthi Shivnoor 502248
MADUR, P.O. Madur 502248
NARSINGI, P.O. Narsingee 502248
CHERNAPALLY, P.O. Madur 502248
KORAMPALLY, P.O. Madur 502248
SERIPALLE, P.O. Mirzapally 502248
SHAKPALLY, P.O. Zapthi Shivnoor 502248
SHANKARAMPET R, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
VENKATRAOPET, P.O. Madur 502248
GAVALPALLE, P.O. Gavvalapally 502248
KAMARAM, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
KHAJAPUR, P.O. Khajapur 502248
NARSAMPALLY, P.O. Shankarampet 502248
ZAPTHISHIVNUR, P.O. Zapthi Shivnoor 502248

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