R ITIKYAL Postal Code

Pincode : 502269

Pin code of R ITIKYAL is 502269. This location belongs to pin code of Chevella post office situated in Medak district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : R ITIKYAL

Post Office : Chevella BO

Postal Code : 502269

Sub District : Regode

District : Medak

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 502269

Location District
Alladurg Medak
Bodamatpally Medak
Chevella Medak
Chilver Medak
Devnoor Medak
Gorrekal Medak
Muslapur Medak
Pothulaboguda Medak
Raipally Medak

Nearby local areas of R ITIKYAL sharing pincode 502269

Area / Village Pin Code
CHILEVER, P.O. Chilver 502269
PULADUGU, P.O. Devnoor 502269
R ITIKYAL, P.O. Chevella 502269
ALLADURG, P.O. Alladurg 502269
ISLAMPUR, P.O. Raipally 502269
PALVATLA, P.O. Pothulaboguda 502269
BHAHIRANDIBBA, P.O. Pothulaboguda 502269
DANVAR, P.O. Raipally 502269
MAHAMMADAPUR, P.O. Chilver 502269
MUSLAPUR, P.O. Muslapur 502269
NAGULAPALLE, P.O. Pothulaboguda 502269
BODMATPALLE, P.O. Bodamatpally 502269
DEVENOOR, P.O. Devnoor 502269
GORREKAL, P.O. Gorrekal 502269
POTHULABOGUDA, P.O. Pothulaboguda 502269
RAIPALLE, P.O. Raipally 502269
USIRKAPALLE, P.O. Raipally 502269
CHEVELLA, P.O. Chevella 502269
BHOOTKUR, P.O. Devnoor 502269
WATPALLE, P.O. Gorrekal 502269
MEDIKUNDA, P.O. Pothulaboguda 502269

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