PUSSAINA Postal Code

Pincode : 205001

Pin code of PUSSAINA is 205001. This location belongs to pin code of Mainpuri post office situated in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : PUSSAINA

Post Office : Mainpuri HO

Postal Code : 205001

Sub District : Bhogaon

District : Mainpuri

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 205001

Location District
Ahirwa Mainpuri
Alipur Kherha Mainpuri
Anjani Mainpuri
Auden Mandan Mainpuri
Auden Padaria Mainpuri
Aunha Mainpuri
Awadh Nagar Mainpuri
Beonti Khurd Mainpuri
Civil Court Mainpuri Mainpuri
Daulatpur Mainpuri
Dharau Mainpuri
Ghitauli Mainpuri
Gola Bazar Mainpuri
J I C Nauner Mainpuri
Kakan Mainpuri
Kapoorpur Mainpuri
Karhal Gate Mainpuri Mainpuri
Karimganj Mainpuri
Kharpari Mainpuri
Lalupur Mainpuri
Mainpuri City Mainpuri
Mainpuri Mainpuri
Mainpuri R S Mainpuri
Manchhana Mainpuri
Nagla Jula Mainpuri
Nauner Mainpuri
Naviganj Mainpuri
Ninauli Mainpuri
Raja Ki Bajria Mainpuri
Ratibhanpur Mainpuri
Sagauni Mainpuri
Saman Mainpuri
Sikandarpur Mainpuri
Zilla Parishad Mainpuri

Nearby local areas of PUSSAINA sharing pincode 205001

Area / Village Pin Code
AHIRWA, P.O. Ahirwa 205001
ANJANI, P.O. Anjani 205001
BEWAR GRAMEEM, P.O. Naviganj 205001
DHARAU, P.O. Dharau 205001
ILLAHABAD, P.O. Aunha 205001
MADHAN, P.O. Nauner 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. J I C Nauner 205001
NAGLA MAHOLI, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
NAGLA SUDAMA, P.O. Naviganj 205001
TABEPUR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
UDNADADA, P.O. Ninauli 205001
VIJAIPUR, P.O. Ninauli 205001
AKUNDAIYA, P.O. Dharau 205001
BHAGPUR, P.O. Sagauni 205001
BIRASINGHPUR, P.O. Manchhana 205001
CHANDPUR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
DANGAN, P.O. Ninauli 205001
DHARM RAJ PUR, P.O. Kharpari 205001
DHAURASI, P.O. Lalupur 205001
JANAURA, P.O. Naviganj 205001
KAKAN, P.O. Kakan 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Daulatpur 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Kapoorpur 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Zilla Parishad 205001
MAINPURI KHAS, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
PAAL, P.O. Ahirwa 205001
RATI BHANPUR, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
SANSARPUR, P.O. Sikandarpur 205001
SHIVSINGHPUR, P.O. Manchhana 205001
GAHIYARPUR, P.O. Kharpari 205001
HARHAI, P.O. Lalupur 205001
JARA MAI, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
KARIMGANJ, P.O. Karimganj 205001
KHATIKPUR, P.O. Karimganj 205001
LODHIPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
MADHAU, P.O. Dharau 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Mainpuri R S 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Nagla Jula 205001
MOHANPUR, P.O. Ninauli 205001
NINOLI, P.O. Ninauli 205001
NOUNER, P.O. Nauner 205001
RATIBHANPUR, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
RUPPUR BHARATPUR, P.O. Sagauni 205001
SYONA, P.O. Beonti Khurd 205001
ASYOLI, P.O. Sikandarpur 205001
BHARATPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
CHHABILEPUR, P.O. Naviganj 205001
DEVKALI, P.O. J I C Nauner 205001
DIWANPUR CHOWDHARY, P.O. Beonti Khurd 205001
GADAIPURA, P.O. Daulatpur 205001
GHITOLI, P.O. Ghitauli 205001
JHANDEPUR, P.O. Kapoorpur 205001
JYOTI, P.O. Aunha 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Civil Court Mainpuri 205001
NABIGANJ, P.O. Naviganj 205001
NAGLA PUNU, P.O. J I C Nauner 205001
RAMAIHAR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
SAIDPUR BHAGAULI, P.O. Anjani 205001
UDAIPUR NARAINI, P.O. Beonti Khurd 205001
BHILAMPUR, P.O. Aunha 205001
CHANEPUR, P.O. Naviganj 205001
DEVA MAI, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
DIWANPUR SAHINI, P.O. Beonti Khurd 205001
JICHAULI, P.O. Ghitauli 205001
KAUSEPUR, P.O. Naviganj 205001
LALPUR SADHINI, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
MAHTAULI, P.O. J I C Nauner 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Karimganj 205001
NAGLA MADARI, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
NARSINGHPUR, P.O. Manchhana 205001
PADRIYA, P.O. Auden Padaria 205001
SAGAUNI, P.O. Sagauni 205001
SAMAN, P.O. Saman 205001
UDETPUR ABHAI, P.O. Anjani 205001
ALILPUR KESHAVPUR, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
ALLIKHERA, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
AUDEN MANDAL, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
BAHADURPUR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
CHANDANPURA, P.O. Naviganj 205001
DHAKAROI, P.O. Daulatpur 205001
JAGRUPPUR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
JAMLAPUR, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
LAHRA MAHUAN, P.O. Dharau 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Awadh Nagar 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Gola Bazar 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
MANIKPUR SAHAS, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
MOHKAMPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
PIRPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
SIKANDERPUR, P.O. Sikandarpur 205001
ALIPUR PATTI, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
AUDEN PADARIYA, P.O. Auden Padaria 205001
BHARATPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
BHOJPUR, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
BIRAMPUR, P.O. Aunha 205001
BYONTI KHURD, P.O. Beonti Khurd 205001
DIVRAYI, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
E MANJHPATI, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
LALUPURA, P.O. Lalupur 205001
LAPGAVAN, P.O. Manchhana 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Karhal Gate Mainpuri 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Kharpari 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Lalupur 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Mainpuri City 205001
MAINPURI, P.O. Raja Ki Bajria 205001
MANCHHANA, P.O. Manchhana 205001
NAGLA KATHENGARA, P.O. Manchhana 205001
SAHAS, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
SATHNI DALIPPUR, P.O. Nagla Jula 205001
SHIVSINGHPUR, P.O. Manchhana 205001
AMBERPUR, P.O. Manchhana 205001
DANNAHAR, P.O. Nauner 205001
DEVPURA, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
E SARI, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
FATEHJANGPUR, P.O. Nauner 205001
GURAHI, P.O. Ratibhanpur 205001
HASANPUR, P.O. Sikandarpur 205001
LODHIPUR, P.O. Anjani 205001
NAGLA CHUNNU, P.O. Lalupur 205001
NAGLA GAME, P.O. Alipur Kherha 205001
NAGLA USAR, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001
PREMPUR, P.O. Naviganj 205001
PUSSAINA, P.O. Mainpuri 205001
SANSARPUR, P.O. Saman 205001
SUJRAI DEHAT, P.O. Auden Mandan 205001

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