Pincode : 517172

Pin code of PULICHERLA is 517172. This location belongs to pin code of Pulicherla post office situated in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : PULICHERLA

Post Office : Pulicherla BO

Postal Code : 517172

Sub District : Pulicherla

District : Chittoor

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 517172

Location District State
Desireddigaripalle Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
Kamavaram Kothapet Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
Kavetigaripalle Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
Mangalampet Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
Pulicherla Chittoor Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of PULICHERLA sharing pincode 517172

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BANDARUVARIPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
BANDIREVUPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
DAMALCHERUVU, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
PULICHERLA, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
RAYAVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
CHERUVU MUNDARAPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
CHICHILAVARIPALLE, P.O. Pulicherla Pulicherla 517172
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
MEDIKONDAVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
REDDIVARIPALLE, P.O. Pulicherla Pulicherla 517172
VAGALLAVARIPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
DINNUPATIVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
JANDRAPET, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
KAMMAPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
MANGALAMPETA, P.O. Mangalampet Pulicherla 517172
MULANGAVARIPALLE, P.O. Pulicherla Pulicherla 517172
MUPPIREDDYVARIPALLE, P.O. Pulicherla Pulicherla 517172
YELLAMPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
E RAMIREDDIGARI PALLE, P.O. Mangalampet Pulicherla 517172
ELLIREDDYGARIPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
GANTAVARIPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
MADDEVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
PEREVANDLAPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
PULICHERLA, P.O. Pulicherla Pulicherla 517172
GOTTIPATIVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
VANKAMADIGAPALLE, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
VELAKAMMALAPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
GADDAMVARIPALLE, P.O. Mangalampet Pulicherla 517172
KAVETIGARIPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172
KAVETIGARIPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
PULICHERLA, P.O. Desireddigaripalle Pulicherla 517172
POOSALAVARIPALLE, P.O. Kamavaram Kothapet Pulicherla 517172
RAMIREDDIGARIPALLE, P.O. Mangalampet Pulicherla 517172
VALLIVETIVARIPALLE, P.O. Mangalampet Pulicherla 517172
CHENNUPATIVARIPALLE, P.O. Kavetigaripalle Pakala 517172

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