Pincode : 285129

Pin code of PRITHVIPURA is 285129. This location belongs to pin code of Umri Jalaun post office situated in Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : PRITHVIPURA

Post Office : Umri SO Jalaun

Postal Code : 285129

Sub District : Madhogarh **

District : Jalaun

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 285129

Location District
Ajeetapur Jalaun
Eeton Jalaun
Majeeth Jalaun
Nawar Jalaun
Umri Jalaun Jalaun

Nearby local areas of PRITHVIPURA sharing pincode 285129

Area / Village Pin Code
GHILAUVA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
JAMLAPUR DHYAN, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
MAHPAULI, P.O. Eeton 285129
NAVAREJPUR, P.O. Eeton 285129
NAWADA, P.O. Eeton 285129
PRITHVIPURA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
GORACHIRAIYA, P.O. Eeton 285129
LODHIPURA, P.O. Nawar 285129
UGARAPURA, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
ABDULLAPUR KANAR, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
DHAMREHI, P.O. Majeeth 285129
ITON, P.O. Eeton 285129
JASUVAPUR, P.O. Nawar 285129
NAWAR, P.O. Nawar 285129
BABUPURA, P.O. Nawar 285129
KANJAUSA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
PICHAURA, P.O. Eeton 285129
UMRI MADHOGARH, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
AJITAPUR, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
BABUPURA, P.O. Nawar 285129
MAJITH, P.O. Majeeth 285129
MANGADPURA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
SONEPURA, P.O. Eeton 285129
UMARI JAGIR, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
DELPURA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
GOHAN, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
HAFIYAPUR, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
JAMREHISANI, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
SINGAOLI, P.O. Eeton 285129
HAJIPUR, P.O. Ajeetapur 285129
NAKELPURA, P.O. Umri Jalaun 285129
SINGTAULI, P.O. Eeton 285129
SONAPUR, P.O. Eeton 285129

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