Pincode : 535183

Pin code of POTHAMPETA is 535183. This location belongs to pin code of Kallepalli post office situated in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : POTHAMPETA

Post Office : Kallepalli BO

Postal Code : 535183

Sub District : Lakkavarapukota

District : Vizianagaram

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 535183

Location District State
Bhaligattam Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Cheepuruvalasa Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Denderu Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Devada Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Gangubudi Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
K R Peta Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Kallepalli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Kothavalasa Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Kummapalli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Mangalapalem Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Pathavalasa Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Pindrangi Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
Relli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Tangudubilli Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
Tummukapalli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Uttarapalli Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
V B Puram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
Viyyammapeta Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of POTHAMPETA sharing pincode 535183

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BALIGHATTAM, P.O. Bhaligattam Kothavalasa 535183
BHEEMANNADORAPALEM, P.O. Tangudubilli Anandapuram 535183
KOTHAVALASA, P.O. Kothavalasa Kothavalasa 535183
MANGALAPALEM, P.O. Mangalapalem Kothavalasa 535183
POTHAMPETA, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
RELLI, P.O. Relli Kothavalasa 535183
SRUNGAVARAM, P.O. K R Peta K.Kotapadu 535183
SUDIVALASA, P.O. Pathavalasa K.Kotapadu 535183
TUMMIKAPALLE, P.O. Tummukapalli Kothavalasa 535183
UTTARAPALLE, P.O. Uttarapalli Kothavalasa 535183
GANGUBUDI, P.O. Gangubudi Lakkavarapukota 535183
GORINTA, P.O. Tangudubilli Anandapuram 535183
PINDRANGI, P.O. Pindrangi K.Kotapadu 535183
RAYAPURAJUPETA, P.O. Gangubudi Kothavalasa 535183
CHEEPURUVALASA, P.O. Cheepuruvalasa Kothavalasa 535183
MUSIRAM, P.O. Devada Kothavalasa 535183
NARASAMPETA, P.O. Kummapalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
SINGAVARAM, P.O. Pathavalasa Kothavalasa 535183
GANISETTIPALEM, P.O. Denderu Kothavalasa 535183
GAVARAPALEM, P.O. Mangalapalem Kothavalasa 535183
GULIVINDADA, P.O. Denderu Kothavalasa 535183
KALLEPALLE, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
SANTHAPALEM, P.O. Denderu Kothavalasa 535183
ANKAJOSYULAPALEM, P.O. K R Peta Vepada 535183
GOLLALAPALEM, P.O. Viyyammapeta Kothavalasa 535183
KUMMAPALLE, P.O. Kummapalli Vepada 535183
RAMALINGAPURAM, P.O. Devada Kothavalasa 535183
TAMARAPALLE, P.O. Devada Lakkavarapukota 535183
VIYYAMPETA, P.O. Viyyammapeta Kothavalasa 535183
BALIGHATTAM, P.O. Kothavalasa Kothavalasa 535183
PENAGANTIKOMPALLU, P.O. Kothavalasa Kothavalasa 535183
TANGUDUBILLI, P.O. Tangudubilli Anandapuram 535183
CHINNIPALEM, P.O. Uttarapalli Kothavalasa 535183
DENDERU, P.O. Denderu Kothavalasa 535183
GAJAPATHINAGARM, P.O. Gangubudi Lakkavarapukota 535183
GOTLAM, P.O. Pathavalasa K.Kotapadu 535183
KOTTANIVANIPALEM, P.O. Viyyammapeta Kothavalasa 535183
MARRIVALASA, P.O. Pathavalasa K.Kotapadu 535183
NIMMALAPALEM, P.O. V B Puram Kothavalasa 535183
SUNDARAYYAPETA, P.O. Devada Kothavalasa 535183
ARDHANNAPALEM, P.O. Bhaligattam Kothavalasa 535183
CHEEDIVALASA, P.O. Devada Kothavalasa 535183
DATHI, P.O. Bhaligattam Kothavalasa 535183
DEVADA, P.O. Devada Kothavalasa 535183
KRISHNARAYUDUPETA, P.O. K R Peta Vepada 535183
KUDDUVALASA, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
LATCHAMPETA, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
MINDIVALASA RAMACHANDRAPURAM, P.O. Mangalapalem Kothavalasa 535183
NARAPAM, P.O. V B Puram Kothavalasa 535183
NEELAKANTAPURAM, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
PATHAVALASA, P.O. Pathavalasa Kothavalasa 535183
REGA, P.O. Kallepalli Lakkavarapukota 535183
VEERABHADRA PURAM, P.O. V B Puram Kothavalasa 535183

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