TOTO Postal Code

Pincode : 835233

Pin code of TOTO is 835233. This location belongs to pin code of Nawadih post office situated in Gumla district of Jharkhand.

Village / Locality Name : TOTO

Post Office : Nawadih BO

Postal Code : 835233

Sub District : Gumla

District : Gumla

State : Jharkhand

List of post office belong to postal code 835233

Location District State
Anjan Gumla Jharkhand
Basua Gumla Jharkhand
Eori Gumla Jharkhand
Ghatgaon Gumla Jharkhand
Gunia Gumla Jharkhand
Kharka Gumla Jharkhand
Kotam Gumla Jharkhand
Nawadih Gumla Jharkhand
Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla Jharkhand
Toto Gumla Jharkhand

Nearby local areas of PHORI sharing pincode 835233

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BARAKHATANGA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
BHANDARIYA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
CHHOTAKHATANGA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
DUMARLA, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
GUNIYA, P.O. Toto Ghaghra 835233
JAANA, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
KULHI, P.O. Anjan Gumla 835233
PAHARPANARI, P.O. Ghatgaon Gumla 835233
PANSO, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
TARAGUTU, P.O. Gunia Ghaghra 835233
TOTO, P.O. Gunia Gumla 835233
JOBANG, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
SAWARIYA, P.O. Basua Gumla 835233
SISI, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
CHUHRU, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
DEBIDIH, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
EORI, P.O. Eori Gumla 835233
HARSARI, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
KASITOLI, P.O. Nawadih Gumla 835233
KOTAM, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
MURMU, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
RAMPUR, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
SAKARPUR, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
TUMANG, P.O. Nawadih Burmu 835233
ANJAN, P.O. Anjan Gumla 835233
BASUA, P.O. Basua Gumla 835233
BIRRI, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
GAMBHARIYA, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
GOMAT, P.O. Gunia Ghaghra 835233
JAIRAGI, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
KATRI, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
LUTO, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
MARWA, P.O. Anjan Gumla 835233
MOKRO, P.O. Nawadih Gumla 835233
SEMARTANR, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
BARKANI, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
CHUGLU, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
GARHSARU, P.O. Ghatgaon Gumla 835233
MAYAPUR, P.O. Nawadih Burmu 835233
ORAMAR, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
PHATHI, P.O. Nawadih Gumla 835233
TOTO, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
AMBAPAWA, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
GHATGAON, P.O. Ghatgaon Gumla 835233
HETHJORI, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
KIRKI, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
KITA, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
LORO, P.O. Nawadih Gumla 835233
NAWADIHKATAITOLI, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
PAHARGIR, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
PANSO, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
PATGACHHA, P.O. Kotam Gumla 835233
SAKSARI, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
TIGRA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
ULDAG, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
ANABIRI, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
ATARIYA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
DUAMARDIH, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
HURHURIYA, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
JANA, P.O. Anjan Gumla 835233
JHARGAON, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
JORADAR, P.O. Ghatgaon Gumla 835233
KHATANGA, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
KHIRIWAR ALIAS KHARCHA, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
KOTAM, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
KUIYO, P.O. Anjan Chainpur 835233
MUKRUM, P.O. Kharka Kisko 835233
PHORI, P.O. Eori Gumla 835233
TOTO, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
BELA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
CHUKLU, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
DUMARDANR, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
DUMRI, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
IRO PHATAKPUR, P.O. Basua Gumla 835233
JILINGA, P.O. Sakarpur Gamharia Gumla 835233
KATEASARU, P.O. Ghatgaon Gumla 835233
KHARKA, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
KUHIPAT, P.O. Gunia Ghaghra 835233
LUTO, P.O. Kharka Gumla 835233
MARWA, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
MURUMSOKRA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
NICHITPUR, P.O. Nawadih Dumri 835233
PAKNI, P.O. Kotam Chainpur 835233
POKMA, P.O. Toto Gumla 835233
TOTO, P.O. Nawadih Gumla 835233

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