PERE PALLE Postal Code

Pincode : 508114

Pin code of PERE PALLE is 508114. This location belongs to pin code of Perepally post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : PERE PALLE

Post Office : Perepally BO

Postal Code : 508114

Sub District : Chityala

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508114

Location District
Aipur Nalgonda
Brahmana Vellemla Nalgonda
Chityala Nalgonda
Gundrampally Nalgonda
Kaparthy Khurd Nalgonda
Kistapur Nalgonda
Mandra Nalgonda
Merada Nalgonda
Pedakaparthy Nalgonda
Perepally Nalgonda
Sivaneniguda Nalgonda
Urumadla Nalgonda
Vanipakala Nalgonda
Veliminedu Nalgonda
Yelikatta Nalgonda

Nearby local areas of PERE PALLE sharing pincode 508114

Area / Village Pin Code
MANDRA, P.O. Mandra 508114
BRAHMANVELLEMLA, P.O. Brahmana Vellemla 508114
GUNDRAM PALLE, P.O. Gundrampally 508114
IPPARTHY, P.O. Kistapur 508114
KISTAPURAM, P.O. Kistapur 508114
PITTAM PALLE, P.O. Kaparthy Khurd 508114
URMADLA, P.O. Urumadla 508114
YELIKATTA, P.O. Yelikatta 508114
CHINAKAPARTHY, P.O. Kaparthy Khurd 508114
CHOUDAMPALLE, P.O. Brahmana Vellemla 508114
VANIPAKALA, P.O. Vanipakala 508114
CHITYALA, P.O. Chityala 508114
NERADA, P.O. Merada 508114
PERE PALLE, P.O. Perepally 508114
VELIMINEDU, P.O. Veliminedu 508114
AIPOOR, P.O. Aipur 508114
PEDAKAPARTHY, P.O. Pedakaparthy 508114
SHIVANENI GUDEM, P.O. Sivaneniguda 508114

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