PASALPAD Postal Code

Pincode : 509204

Pin code of PASALPAD is 509204. This location belongs to pin code of Pusalpahad post office situated in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : PASALPAD

Post Office : Pusalpahad BO

Postal Code : 509204

Sub District : Dhanwada

District : Mahbubnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 509204

Location District
Baswaipalli Mahbubnagar
Chowdarpalli Mahbubnagar
Devarkadra Mahbubnagar
Dokur Mahbubnagar
Gaddegudem Mahbubnagar
Gotur Mahbubnagar
Jingirala Mahbubnagar
Kistapur Mahbubnagar
Koilsagar Mahbubnagar
Kotakadra Mahbubnagar
Machanpalli Mahbubnagar
Manikonda Mahbubnagar
Nagaram Mahbubnagar
Pusalpahad Mahbubnagar

Nearby local areas of PASALPAD sharing pincode 509204

Area / Village Pin Code
ADVI AJJILAPUR, P.O. Nagaram 509204
BASWAIPALLE, P.O. Baswaipalli 509204
CHOWDARPALLE, P.O. Chowdarpalli 509204
KONDRONIPALLY, P.O. Gotur 509204
OBLAIPALLE, P.O. Kotakadra 509204
SUVVURGADDA THANDA, P.O. Machanpalli 509204
DADI THANDA, P.O. Nagaram 509204
GOTOR THANDA, P.O. Gotur 509204
MANIPUR THANDA, P.O. Kistapur 509204
MANYAMKONDA TEMPLE, P.O. Kotakadra 509204
NANDIPETA, P.O. Jingirala 509204
NARLONIKUNTA, P.O. Nagaram 509204
PERKIWEEDU, P.O. Manikonda 509204
RAMAKISTAIPALLY, P.O. Kistapur 509204
BASWAPUR, P.O. Nagaram 509204
DOKUR, P.O. Dokur 509204
GOTUR, P.O. Gotur 509204
HAJILAPUR, P.O. Devarkadra 509204
KAMSANPALLE, P.O. Gotur 509204
MACHANPALLE, P.O. Machanpalli 509204
NAGANNAPALLY, P.O. Koilsagar 509204
CHINNARAJMOOR, P.O. Gotur 509204
PERKIVEEDU THANDA, P.O. Manikonda 509204
POTHANPALLY, P.O. Kotakadra 509204
SANJEEVAKONDA, P.O. Pusalpahad 509204
BOLLARAM, P.O. Koilsagar 509204
MANIKONDA, P.O. Manikonda 509204
MANYAMKONDA STAGE, P.O. Kotakadra 509204
ROLLAGADDA THANDA, P.O. Machanpalli 509204
BALSUPALLE, P.O. Devarkadra 509204
BOLLONITANDA, P.O. Koilsagar 509204
DEVARKADRA, P.O. Devarkadra 509204
OBLAIPALLY THANDA, P.O. Kotakadra 509204
PASALPAD, P.O. Pusalpahad 509204
PEDDARAJMOOR, P.O. Nagaram 509204
SHIVAR THANDA, P.O. Nagaram 509204
AJILAPUR, P.O. Chowdarpalli 509204
JEENUGURALA, P.O. Jingirala 509204
NAGARAM, P.O. Nagaram 509204
RAMCHANDRAPUR, P.O. Machanpalli 509204
VENKATAIPALLE, P.O. Gaddegudem 509204
GADDEGUDA, P.O. Gaddegudem 509204
KISTAPUR, P.O. Kistapur 509204
KOTAKADIRA, P.O. Kotakadra 509204

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