PARSA Postal Code

Pincode : 847402

Pin code of PARSA is 847402. This location belongs to pin code of Parsa post office situated in Madhubani district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : PARSA

Post Office : Parsa BO

Postal Code : 847402

Sub District : Ghoghardiha

District : Madhubani

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 847402

Location District
Alola Madhubani
Amahi Madhubani
Amouza Madhubani
Baikabishanpur Madhubani
Baskhora Madhubani
Basuari Madhubani
Belha Madhubani
Biraoul Madhubani
Chikna Madhubani
Dharmdiha Madhubani
Gahuma Beria Madhubani
Garatol Madhubani
Ghoghardiha Madhubani
Hatni Madhubani
Jagatpur Madhubani
Jageshwar Asthan Madhubani
Kalikapur Madhubani
Keotna Madhubani
Matras Madhubani
Parsa Madhubani
Pirojgadh Madhubani
Saini Madhubani
Sangi Madhubani
Sarauti Madhubani
Sudairatauli Madhubani
Tilath Madhubani

Nearby local areas of PARSA sharing pincode 847402

Area / Village Pin Code
ALOLA, P.O. Alola 847402
AMAHI, P.O. Amahi 847402
BARAGHORIA, P.O. Biraoul 847402
PARSA, P.O. Parsa 847402
PIPRA KAMALPUR, P.O. Basuari 847402
SUDAI RATAULI, P.O. Sudairatauli 847402
ARAZI SAINI, P.O. Saini 847402
BAIKA, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
BEHRARI, P.O. Chikna 847402
BHIRAHAR, P.O. Chikna 847402
CHAPRAM, P.O. Matras 847402
DEONATHPATTI, P.O. Sarauti 847402
DHARAMDIHA, P.O. Dharmdiha 847402
LAKSENA, P.O. Dharmdiha 847402
NIGHMA, P.O. Sarauti 847402
SAINI, P.O. Saini 847402
SARAUTI, P.O. Sarauti 847402
BASKHORA, P.O. Baskhora 847402
BASWARI, P.O. Basuari 847402
BIRAUL, P.O. Biraoul 847402
CHIKNA, P.O. Chikna 847402
HATHIAHI, P.O. Biraoul 847402
HATNI, P.O. Hatni 847402
KHARGAWAN, P.O. Amouza 847402
MURBALA, P.O. Gahuma Beria 847402
PIPRAULIA, P.O. Keotna 847402
PIROJGARH, P.O. Pirojgadh 847402
TILAT, P.O. Tilath 847402
AZ RAKBE SUDAI, P.O. Sudairatauli 847402
BELMOHAN, P.O. Tilath 847402
EKHARA, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
KHOPA, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
BATHNAHA, P.O. Belha 847402
DHABGHAT, P.O. Matras 847402
GHOGHARDIHA, P.O. Ghoghardiha 847402
JAGATPUR, P.O. Jagatpur 847402
THARBITIA, P.O. Sangi 847402
BALAN SHER, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
BARANJHULA, P.O. Amahi 847402
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
KEWATNA, P.O. Keotna 847402
KIRITPUR, P.O. Keotna 847402
KONAR, P.O. Garatol 847402
TOUFIR, P.O. Saini 847402
AMOUJA, P.O. Amouza 847402
BISHUHARIA, P.O. Chikna 847402
DHANPAT BARHI, P.O. Hatni 847402
GOHUMA BAIRIA, P.O. Gahuma Beria 847402
HULASPATTI, P.O. Jageshwar Asthan 847402
KALIKAPUR, P.O. Kalikapur 847402
KASIRAMPATTI, P.O. Ghoghardiha 847402
KONAR, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
MATRAS, P.O. Matras 847402
SANGI, P.O. Sangi 847402
HARARI, P.O. Amahi 847402
MAINAHI, P.O. Amahi 847402
NATHOPUR, P.O. Baikabishanpur 847402
NAWABAKHAR, P.O. Hatni 847402
RAJUAHI, P.O. Pirojgadh 847402
SAHORWA, P.O. Hatni 847402

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