PARARIA Postal Code

Pincode : 802158

Pin code of PARARIA is 802158. This location belongs to pin code of Babhaniaon post office situated in Bhojpur district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : PARARIA

Post Office : Babhaniaon BO

Postal Code : 802158

Sub District : Garhani

District : Bhojpur

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 802158

Location District
Babhaniaon Bhojpur
Bahuara Bhojpur
Bairahi Bhojpur
Barad Parwa Bhojpur
Hetampur Bhojpur
Jagdishpur Bhojpur Bhojpur
Kahathumasurhi Bhojpur
Kakila Bhojpur
Manudehari Bhojpur
Masuri Bhojpur
Parasia Bhojpur
Sheopurkunai Bhojpur
Siaruan Bhojpur
Tenduni Bhojpur

Nearby local areas of PARARIA sharing pincode 802158

Area / Village Pin Code
ASODHAR, P.O. Bahuara 802158
DIHRI, P.O. Hetampur 802158
MASURHI, P.O. Masuri 802158
NEUR POKHAR, P.O. Siaruan 802158
PARARIA, P.O. Babhaniaon 802158
REPURA, P.O. Siaruan 802158
SONDHI, P.O. Masuri 802158
TAJPUR, P.O. Kakila 802158
TULSI, P.O. Jagdishpur Bhojpur 802158
BABHNIYAWAN, P.O. Babhaniaon 802158
ASODHAN, P.O. Bahuara 802158
JAMUI HORIL, P.O. Manudehari 802158
SHIUPUR, P.O. Sheopurkunai 802158
BAHUWARA, P.O. Bahuara 802158
BARA POKHAR, P.O. Sheopurkunai 802158
BARIAR PATTI, P.O. Kakila 802158
DILIYA, P.O. Masuri 802158
GUREZ, P.O. Bairahi 802158
JAGDISHPUR, P.O. Kahathumasurhi 802158
JAMUI KHANR, P.O. Manudehari 802158
KALI BALI, P.O. Kakila 802158
KATAIBOJH, P.O. Manudehari 802158
KHUTAHA, P.O. Jagdishpur Bhojpur 802158
KORHWA, P.O. Tenduni 802158
MAHURAHI, P.O. Sheopurkunai 802158
MANHTATI, P.O. Kakila 802158
PANREPUR, P.O. Bairahi 802158
RANGARUA, P.O. Hetampur 802158
ARAILA, P.O. Manudehari 802158
BARAD PARWA, P.O. Barad Parwa 802158
DIUL, P.O. Kakila 802158
HETAMPUR, P.O. Hetampur 802158
JAGDISHPUR, P.O. Jagdishpur Bhojpur 802158
KAKILA, P.O. Kakila 802158
KINNU DEHRI, P.O. Manudehari 802158
MANJHUPUR, P.O. Parasia 802158
MUNGAUL, P.O. Barad Parwa 802158
PALIYA, P.O. Kakila 802158
PARASIYA, P.O. Parasia 802158
BHARSARA, P.O. Kakila 802158
LAKHANPURA, P.O. Kakila 802158
MANGURA, P.O. Siaruan 802158
MANNU DEHRI, P.O. Manudehari 802158
RAGHUNATHPUR, P.O. Kakila 802158
TENDUNI, P.O. Tenduni 802158
ANHARIBAG, P.O. Hetampur 802158
BAIRAHI, P.O. Bairahi 802158
HAT POKHAR, P.O. Parasia 802158
SONBARSA, P.O. Sheopurkunai 802158
UTTARDAHA, P.O. Manudehari 802158
DEORAR, P.O. Manudehari 802158
DULAUR, P.O. Jagdishpur Bhojpur 802158
GANGADHAR DEHRI, P.O. Hetampur 802158
HATHPOKHAR, P.O. Masuri 802158
KUNAI, P.O. Sheopurkunai 802158
PALIYA CHAK, P.O. Kakila 802158
SIYARUWA, P.O. Siaruan 802158
TIKTHI, P.O. Parasia 802158
UGNA, P.O. Kahathumasurhi 802158

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