Pincode : 737132

Pin code of RANGPO FOREST BLOCK is 737132. This location belongs to pin code of East Pendam post office situated in East Sikkim district of Sikkim.

Village / Locality Name : RANGPO FOREST BLOCK

Post Office : East Pendam BO

Postal Code : 737132

Sub District : Gangtok

District : East Sikkim

State : Sikkim

List of post office belong to postal code 737132

Location District State
Duga East Sikkim Sikkim
East Pendam East Sikkim Sikkim
Kateng Bokrang East Sikkim Sikkim
Mamring East Sikkim Sikkim
Maney Dara East Sikkim Sikkim
Namthang East Sikkim Sikkim
Rangpo East Sikkim Sikkim
Turung East Sikkim Sikkim
Upper Pendam East Sikkim Sikkim

Nearby local areas of PAMPHOK sharing pincode 737132

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
NAMCHI FOREST BLOCK, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
KAMRANG, P.O. Rangpo Namchi 737132
PALEYTAM, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
RANGPO FOREST BLOCK, P.O. Rangpo Gangtok 737132
KAREK, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
MAMRING, P.O. Mamring Namchi 737132
RANGPO FOREST BLOCK, P.O. Duga Gangtok 737132
TURUNG, P.O. Turung Namchi 737132
MAMLEY, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
KANAMTEK, P.O. Turung Namchi 737132
PAMPHOK, P.O. Turung Namchi 737132
RAMABONG, P.O. Turung Namchi 737132
TANGJI, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
CENTRAL PENDAM, P.O. Upper Pendam Gangtok 737132
MAMRING FOREST BLOCK, P.O. Mamring Namchi 737132
NALAM KOLBONG, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
PALUM, P.O. Turung Namchi 737132
RATEYPANI, P.O. Maney Dara Namchi 737132
KATENG BOKRANG, P.O. Kateng Bokrang Namchi 737132
NAGI, P.O. Namthang Namchi 737132
RANGPO FOREST BLOCK, P.O. East Pendam Gangtok 737132

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