Pincode : 835203

Pin code of SINGRAULI is 835203. This location belongs to pin code of Marasili post office situated in Gumla district of Jharkhand.

Village / Locality Name : SINGRAULI

Post Office : Marasili BO

Postal Code : 835203

Sub District : Verno

District : Gumla

State : Jharkhand

List of post office belong to postal code 835203

Location District State
Amalia Gumla Jharkhand
Asro Gumla Jharkhand
Bharno Gumla Jharkhand
Danekera Gumla Jharkhand
Jamgain Gumla Jharkhand
Jhikochatti Gumla Jharkhand
Mahadeo Chegri Gumla Jharkhand
Marasili Gumla Jharkhand
Pabeya Gumla Jharkhand
Turiamba Gumla Jharkhand

Nearby local areas of PAHARKESA sharing pincode 835203

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BURHIPAT, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
JHIKO, P.O. Bharno Bhandra 835203
KHARKA, P.O. Amalia Verno 835203
LAMKANA, P.O. Bharno Bero 835203
LONEGA, P.O. Mahadeo Chegri Verno 835203
MAKRA, P.O. Mahadeo Chegri Verno 835203
MORGAON, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
PARSA, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
SUPA, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
TURIAMBA, P.O. Turiamba Verno 835203
ALGORI, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
ATAKORA, P.O. Mahadeo Chegri Verno 835203
JAMGAIN, P.O. Jamgain Bhandra 835203
JARDA, P.O. Amalia Gumla 835203
JATARGARI, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
KUNDO, P.O. Jhikochatti Bhandra 835203
MALGO, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
NAGRA, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
VERNO, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
BATKURI, P.O. Mahadeo Chegri Verno 835203
BHARNO, P.O. Amalia Gumla 835203
CHETO, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
DANRKESA, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
KUMBHRO, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
MAHADEWCHEGRI, P.O. Mahadeo Chegri Verno 835203
PAHARKESA, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
SUKURHUTU, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
AMLIYA KALYANPUR, P.O. Amalia Verno 835203
ASRO, P.O. Asro Bero 835203
DANEKERA, P.O. Danekera Lapung 835203
JIRHUL, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
KAMRAO, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
PABEYA, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
RAYKERA, P.O. Amalia Verno 835203
DIPINGLONGA, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
DUMARDON, P.O. Asro Bero 835203
KHATKO, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
KUSUMBHA, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
BHARNO, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
BHARNO, P.O. Jhikochatti Gumla 835203
JAMGAI, P.O. Jamgain Bhandra 835203
JHAROTOLI, P.O. Bharno Bhandra 835203
KAMALPUR, P.O. Turiamba Verno 835203
LONGA, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
MAHUGAON, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
PAHAR BANGRU, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
HUTRI, P.O. Bharno Bero 835203
MARASILI, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
SARGAON, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
SIHRI, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
SUKRHUTTU, P.O. Pabeya Verno 835203
BAMHANDIHA, P.O. Bharno Bhandra 835203
BANGRU, P.O. Danekera Verno 835203
BANTOLI, P.O. Amalia Verno 835203
KHARTANGA, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203
MASIYA, P.O. Turiamba Verno 835203
PANDARIA, P.O. Jhikochatti Bhandra 835203
SAMSERA, P.O. Bharno Verno 835203
SINGRAULI, P.O. Marasili Verno 835203

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