PADGAL Postal Code

Pincode : 503311

Pin code of PADGAL is 503311. This location belongs to pin code of Padgal post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : PADGAL

Post Office : Padgal BO

Postal Code : 503311

Sub District : Velpur

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503311

Location District
Akloor Nizamabad
Ankasapur Nizamabad
Dharmora Nizamabad
Donkal Nizamabad
Kuknoor Nizamabad
Lakhora Nizamabad
Motha Nizamabad
Padgal Nizamabad
Vailpur Nizamabad
Venkatapur Nizamabad

Nearby local areas of PADGAL sharing pincode 503311

Area / Village Pin Code
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Venkatapur 503311
VENKATAPUR, P.O. Venkatapur 503311
ANKSAPUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
DONKAL, P.O. Vailpur 503311
LAKHORA, P.O. Vailpur 503311
PADGAL, P.O. Vailpur 503311
DONKAL, P.O. Donkal 503311
LAKHORA, P.O. Lakhora 503311
AKLUR, P.O. Akloor 503311
AMEENAPUR, P.O. Lakhora 503311
DHARMORA, P.O. Dharmora 503311
DHARMORA, P.O. Vailpur 503311
KUKNUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
VELPUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
AKLUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
ANKSAPUR, P.O. Ankasapur 503311
KUKNUR, P.O. Kuknoor 503311
PADGAL, P.O. Padgal 503311
POCHAMPALLE, P.O. Ankasapur 503311
KOMANPALLE, P.O. Venkatapur 503311
AMEENAPUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
MOTHE, P.O. Vailpur 503311
VENKATAPUR, P.O. Vailpur 503311
DHARMORA, P.O. Dharmora 503311
KOMANPALLE, P.O. Vailpur 503311
MOTHE, P.O. Motha 503311
POCHAMPALLE, P.O. Vailpur 503311

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