OBLAPUR PK Postal Code

Pincode : 505402

Pin code of OBLAPUR PK is 505402. This location belongs to pin code of Voblapur post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : OBLAPUR PK

Post Office : Voblapur BO

Postal Code : 505402

Sub District : Sircilla

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505402

Location District
Ananthagiri Karimnagar
Anantharam Karimnagar
Cheerlavancha Karimnagar
Ellanthakunta Karimnagar
Kodurpaka Karimnagar
Mukshanpet Karimnagar
Rahimkhanpet Karimnagar
Rudraram Karimnagar
Vallampatla Karimnagar
Vanthadupula Karimnagar
Vardavelli Karimnagar
Velgipur Karimnagar
Voblapur Karimnagar

Nearby local areas of OBLAPUR PK sharing pincode 505402

Area / Village Pin Code
ANANTHAGIRI, P.O. Ananthagiri 505402
CHEERLAVANCHA, P.O. Cheerlavancha 505402
JANGAMREDDIPALLE, P.O. Anantharam 505402
SANDURIPALLI, P.O. Vallampatla 505402
DHARMAYEPALLI, P.O. Vallampatla 505402
LAKHANVORIPALLI, P.O. Vallampatla 505402
THIPPAPURAM P A, P.O. Anantharam 505402
DEBBAPALLI, P.O. Vardavelli 505402
GUNDLAPALLI, P.O. Vanthadupula 505402
KESANNAPALLI, P.O. Mukshanpet 505402
NAUIMNARPALLI, P.O. Cheerlavancha 505402
RUDRARAM, P.O. Rudraram 505402
VALLAMPATLA, P.O. Vallampatla 505402
VUMULAPUR, P.O. Anantharam 505402
KODURUPAKA, P.O. Ellanthakunta 505402
MOSITLACHERVU, P.O. Ananthagiri 505402
NAREDDIPALLI, P.O. Vanthadupula 505402
OBLAPUR PK, P.O. Voblapur 505402
RAJANNAPET, P.O. Vardavelli 505402
TENUGUPALLI, P.O. Ananthagiri 505402
TENUGUVARIPALLI, P.O. Vanthadupula 505402
VANCHARLAPALLI, P.O. Ananthagiri 505402
DEMMANAPET, P.O. Anantharam 505402
MUSKANIPET, P.O. Mukshanpet 505402
VARDAVELLI, P.O. Vardavelli 505402
ANANTHARAM, P.O. Anantharam 505402
KISANPALLI, P.O. Vanthadupula 505402
MUSKULAPALLI, P.O. Vallampatla 505402
SHABASHPALLE, P.O. Vardavelli 505402
VANTHADUPULA, P.O. Vanthadupula 505402
YERRANASUPALLI, P.O. Raheemkhanpet 505402
NEELOJIPALLI, P.O. Ellanthakunta 505402
OBULAPURAM P A, P.O. Voblapur 505402
RAHIMKHANPET, P.O. Raheemkhanpet 505402
VELJIPURAM, P.O. Velgipur 505402

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