Nicobar District Pin Code List

Situated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nicobar district comprises of 19 post offices.

In order to locate pin codes of post offices belong to Nicobar district, simply choose its name from the following drop down menu:

pin codes of Nicobar district Andaman and Nicobar Islands

List of Nicobar Post Offices' Pincodes (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Post Office PIN Code District
Campbelbay 744302 Nicobar
Carnicobar 744301 Nicobar
Champin 744303 Nicobar
Chowra 744303 Nicobar
Gandhinagar 744302 Nicobar
Kakana 744301 Nicobar
Kapanga 744304 Nicobar
Kondul Island 744302 Nicobar
Lapathy 744301 Nicobar
Little Nicobar 744302 Nicobar
Mildera 744304 Nicobar
Mus 744301 Nicobar
Nancowrie 744303 Nicobar
Nehrugram 744304 Nicobar
Pilomilo Island 744302 Nicobar
Sawai 744301 Nicobar
Shabnamnagar 744302 Nicobar
Teressa 744303 Nicobar
Trinket 744303 Nicobar

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